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Description : Another drum loop, but this time more complex. I also added a fast long delay to make it vocoded a little. Also hats and more kicks.
Description : A simple drum loop for dubstep.
Description : A cool watery dubstep bass. Made with Massive.
Description : My own inspirational drop, includes the following fl studio plugins: Vocodex, soundgoodizer, Phase Inverter.
Description : Vocal Synth-Female Robot!!! Loop By YogeshST.
Description : Robot rap that says "dump Trump".
Description : A robotic sound effect
Description : British robot is having a good time. She works at 70bpm, but also at 140bpm.
Description : KEY: E-min TEMPO: 128bpm some heavily effected horns, sounds like a robot saying "ya you, ya you" lol
Description : Robot vox for the new dubstep pack.
Description : snares stretched and faded in counds kinda like a synth
Description : dubstep drums cut for the mid tempo kinda thing
Description : lots of chopping and a flanger goes on and off
Description : stretched kicks with filter stuff cut up and layerd with delay flanger reverb distortion
Description : Plucks from my song little robots i uploaded here. Ive got alot more loops from the song in a remix pack, just head to the fourm post 'xyilent remix pack' :) Enjoy
Description : It sounds like a huge robot running. Use it anywhere if you want. Comment tracks, would love to see how you put this to use.
Description : This decimate robot voice "drop", has been made by Nadman. Mixed on heavy invisble wobbles. He is an good dubstep artist, who is also member at looperman. Check his first album on youtube out:
Description : Random piano scale improvisation. This could maybe be used as an intro I dont know. Its not perfectly in time, but it is within range of time. In other words its a human being playing not a robot and it gives it a realistic touch. Use it however you want, be creative. Its on E-minor Enjoy
Description : For those struggling with piano melodies here you go. Another random improvisation. This one i managed to record perfectly. Its perfectly humanized and it carries the right emotion. This one didnt deserve to sound like a robot ;) Enjoy and use as you'd like
Description : stretched snare sounds like a robot
Description : this one is a bit of a beauty. same chords in robot love but some changes, dance feel and set in other keys
Description : More of my Hal 9000, locked to 120bpm.
Description : A loopable slice of Hal 9000 improv.
Description : Another short phrase that can be read two different ways when listened to as a loop.
Description : heres a pad
Loops 1 - 25 of 165
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