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Description : It almost sounds like a robotic or futuristic sound!
Made with Mixcraft v.6!
Comments appreciated!

Description : 140 Bpm
Guess it could be used for Dubstep or anything really.

Description : Made in fl studio with sytrus harmor, 3xosc and a few other things. be sure to check out my youtube page to, there's a link in my profile. enjoy:) Guys, I honestly can't continue to do this if I don't have your support. so if you want to continue hearing, and downloading my loops, all I ask is that you subscribe to my new youtube channel, if I can reach 200 subscribers, ill release a loop pack (via video link) with over 30 dubstep/trap/electronic loops. also, If I can get enough subscribers and support, I may start tutorials for fl studio 11, upon request. feel free to check out some of my songs too:L

Description : Decided to try and make a riser, it turned out pretty good i think

Description : i am going to be uploading a number of loops over the next few hours as i have officially switched over to ableton and though i would share some of the left-overs from reason!

Description : A 'FX Riser' that I made in Fl Studio. If you like my work please comment, if you download it and use it in any of your projects, please share it with me!

Description : Scary riser, with a pitch and lfo rate automation clip. :)

Description : A sick arpeggiator riser with alot of distortion. :D

Description : Doctor P inspired bass with yahhh bass and sub!
Enjoy and please share your creations!

Description : Ah this was fun . My best drum loop construction kit to date. Hope you'all like it and

hit me with some feedback

Description : Straight out of my new track I am in the works of making that has a Doctor P feel to it.
Enjoy! And please share your creations!

Description : Just a rise loop from some bass.
Hope it helps someone!

Description : A Riser for you!

Description : Simple riser with LFO which could be used for alot of different styles of music. (:
Sounds a bit like something that would be used in dubstep but it could be still used in other things.


Description : Simple riser without lfo that could be used in many different types of music.
Made with 3xosc.

Description : Falls and Then rises agian siren

Description : Same thing with out the Cymbols and riser

Description : Toxic biohazard Padsequenced and side chained gated plus some reverb.

Description : reason 4 stuff

Description : Bra Dirty Riser Synth

Loops 126 - 145 of 145
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