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Description : happy lofi chords

if you use it, id love to hear it, drop a link

Description : rhodes chords I used for one of my lofi tracks

if you use it, id love to hear it, drop a link

Description : FL Keys stock Rhodes, also sounds good pitched down to D. Show me what you make!

Description : Enjoy and show me what you can do.

Contact me if you want this loop in a different key or tempo, or need a custom loop.

Recorded using Minimoog through guitar overdrive (TS-909) and delay (TC Electronic Flashback 2) pedals.


Description : Smooth Rhodes made with Sakura in FL Studio

Description : Beautiful Rhodes Sound great for lofi & chill wave beats. For Personal Loops just for you message me!

Description : Literally can't find anything to do w/ it, hopefully y'all can


Description : Made with the Nexus Preset "[LCJ] Soft Rhodes" within the Lydian Scale

Description : I really believe I managed to capture what I've been feeling these last few days in this loop.

Key is E minor natural

Description : Rhodes Piano

Description : Pls link your full beats!

Description : Make sure to show me what you make with it:O

Description : Leave links if you use this.

Description : nicee

Description : Make some magic happen

Description : comment what u make

Description : I used rhodes piano and bass guitar, which together created quite good sounds in some moments. But individually the instruments sound uninteresting and interrupted.

Description : Vinyl vibe keyscape rhodes with darker bass notes in the second loop.
Show me what you can whip up with it in the comments or my IG!

Description : vintage rhodes

Description : Ambient Rhodes for lo-fi

Description : x_x

leave a link with your work below

Description : Used the e-piano from Spitfire audio.

Description : Drop a link with what you make with this, would love to hear what yall can come up with

Description : Effects made with Reakor 6

Description : Share! FMaj

Loops 176 - 200 of 889
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