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Description : Epiano from Caustic...again.
Description : Rhodes piano from Caustic app
E minor
Description : A spacey sounding Rhodes loop. Semi-inspired by the game FTL: Faster Than Light.
Description : Nexus preset: Piano, Lofi Rhodes.
Drop ur trak in comments.
Description : Rhodes chopped.. Enjoy
Description : chords: D#min C#maj Bmaj A#min
Description : Hip Hop Rhodes Loop, drop a link if used
Description : >:( kylo WYMMMMMMMM?!
Description : A lofi rhodes chord progression
Chord used are C5 major7/F5 major7/C5 major7/D5 minor7/G5 minor7
Hope you can use it :D
Description : that how we relax hehe
Description : Rhodes Melody Made With Nexus 2
Description : A nice hip-hop or rnb loop I put together recently. Leave a link to your projects and check out some of my original music on my website and on instagram. All the keys are D, F#, and B :>
Description : 2 pianos-- an acoustic grand and a Fender-Rhodes--- play a gently funky R&B groove. Fat and bass-rich. 4 seamless bars.

Implied Harmonies: Bbmaj9---Dbmaj9---(Cb7)
Description : A chill rhodes loop I put together that could go well with R&B and Chill projects. Show me what you come up with and don't forget to check out some of my original music on my site or profile :D Keys are C and G.
Description : A reversed piano with a Rhodes piano.
Description : A rhodes piano loop comprised of 7th chords that you can use in lofi hip-hop or chill.
Description : this is an rnb classic type sound
Description : heres some Reverse Rhodes enjoy!
Description : would love to see what you made with this melody :) please leave a link if u can.

it's really late and i can't be bothered typing in what plugins i used, if you really want to know, leave me a message on looperman and i'll find out for you :)

If anyone needs any art for any of their music, message me on looperman with the theme you would like and i'll try make it for free :]
Description : A slightly reverbed rhodes four bar loop. Made in FL Studio with DSK Akoustik Keys. Sounds like bells/piano. Can be used for multiple genres, but I will mostly be uploading hip-hop loops. F C# F C F F
Description : Uploading a few loops that work well together, show me what you do with it!
Chord progression: CEGD, DFAC
Description : enjoooooouyah
Description : Please do nice music with this loop. Hope you enjoy and please comment your results.
Description : would love to see what you made with this melody :) please leave a link if u can.

made this with Sakura nylon string and Sakura rhodes i think :S
Description : Chill piano Rhodes sort of thing? Please link your work that includes my work!
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