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Description : Hope usable

Description : Murda Beatz Type Drums (Motorsport)
Tips : Add piano, bells and reverse them.
For the midi just message me on Ig or via my email which you can find on my profile by clicking on my picture : )
BPM : 140
New loops uploaded everyday 7pm (GMT00:00) !!!

Description : ask for more :)

Description : Piano reverse sound making it sound more juice wrld x trippie redd vibe.

Description : Pierre type reverse chords. The notes for each chord are: A5 F#5 D5 B4, G#4 E5 C#5 A4, and A5 D5 B4 G#4, G#5 E5 C#5 A4 respectively. Comment what you make with it.

Description : surgical piano reverse

Description : Make sure to check my stuff out

Description : Hope usable

Description : Bell loop with a little reverse effect

Description : Sauce
Show me what you make :D

Description : made this melody with a piano i found in a soundpack

link me tracks

Description : just some stuff i did with electra, i added a counter melody in the second part so u can chop it up and do whatever u want to with it. its some reversed chords and bells so u can unreverse it if u dont vibe with it reversed.

Description : Reverse Keys in B minor.

Description : reverse piano

Description : I think the title is self-explanatory.

Description : Reversed piano thingy

Description : Piano this time without the reverse effect on it.

Gmin made on Fl 12

Show me what you made with this!

Description : Let me know if you used this loop

Description : This is a reverse melodic chord whose instrument is taken from a massive preset, that i modified with other plug-in. Honestly, i'm not sure which kind of production would support this loop, but i'd rather think it works with lil baby or night lovell type beat. If you use one of theme, please let me know and share your creation with me on the comments.

Description : I made a mad beat using this. Go hear it in my tracks section

Description : Hope usable

Description : Hope usable,meditate yourself.

Description : Just a creepy dark piano and reverse effect too. I like to hear what y'all make so feel free to share. The key is Eminor.

Description : reverse piano chords, kind of slow mo trap, or what you want

Description : ENJOY YOUR SOUCE

Loops 1 - 25 of 317
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