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Description : This can be used, manipulated as a fx, a lead. The original sound was a hi-hat synthesized in FM8. Lots of modulation, delays, reverse. The job lot. You name it. Would love to hear what people come up with using this unique sound. Please post in the comments your tracks. :)
Description : Comment link to work!
Description : Realised in Sugarbytes Turnado and Reason 9
Description : This is in Dm hope you enjoy it!
Description : It is in Em and is 90 BPM, this is my first loop leave a comment if you use this for a beat or full song thanks
Description : This is the first piano chord progression I made for the song Kud - Instabiel by Fyaesco (check my profile for track). It's supposed to work as a build up and the reverse bits should give it some more punch. Made in FL Studio 12.1. Key is Eb major or C minor. Tempo is 128 bpm. The chords are as follows: Eb , Gm - Ab - Cm - Bb [repeat]
Description : Classssic but reverse
Description : lhit us up! GameChangers Music Group
Description : I true topic feeling trap song. Although many of the different loops could be used for various different genres. I would love to see anyone take the "Big Synth" loop and turn it into something a lot different than a tropic trap song. anywhere. Made using Ableton Live 9
Description : These loops are created in FL Studio 12 and stemmed
Description : Hope usable for you
Description : A melody made with gross beat to have that reverse effect
Description : FL Keys, 70 bpm in Dm. Warped Illusions. ToY Sounds devilish when you put it in reverse. Try it! Let me know how you like it. Peace.
Description : These loops are created with FL Studio 12 and split into stems
Description : Speed up, slow down , or reverse -Shinobic-
Description : reverse open hats
Description : A little sample by me, just reverse, put some fx... and add a vinyl loop :)
Description : .....
Description : Custom Perc Loop. Doubled with one in reverse. A unique sound.
Description : I used my north Indian String Instrument Tanpura in a different way. Instead of using my original Tanpura Sound which you also can find on a separate Loop, i used this wave file to play is reverse, to get a different sound. I added a contrabass and a English Horn for the melody. The mood is a bit dark but a little contrast with the brighter sound of the English Horn which got an ethnic flavour. Key is in C sharp.
Description : A complete pack of EDM style loops that are ready for you to put together into an amazing song. From dirty drops to catchy synths, 'The Night Before' will keep the party going. If you use my loops please let me know as I love to hear what people create.
Description : same melody as below, no reverse effect! Enjoy! a btw, the instrument is from a dope kontakt bank i found called Asap Rocky Kontakt 5, from HQ Sounds, its free and has some nice sounds!
Description : reverse effect on some instrument preset I have for Kontakt 5. Enjoy!
Description : a 4 bar metal "breakdown" style loop with fast double bass pedals and a reverse snare added for good measure, this is my first loop and the drum kit is a homemade sample kit, enjoy =]
Description : KEY: E-min TEMPO: 90bpm some club type trap/hip-hop loops. FX reverse delay
Loops 1 - 25 of 141
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