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Description : detoxxxx

Description : Massive

Description : FLstudio 12, GMS plugin

Description : Enjoy !

Description : Emin-Dmin-Cmaj-Emin

Description : piANO PERc biohazaRD Plug iN

Description : HaRP USinG SAKurA pLUG in

Description : FRUity LOops 20 usinG SYTRUs PLUg in AtlAN Pad sNd X PARAmetric X Gross bEAT X LOVe FIlteR

Description : i hope usable,please support me on youtube(for link click profile picture)

Description : MORPHINE SITAR LOVE filtER X rEverB

Description : Made wITH MorpIN PLUg in viOLIN SNd X reVERB X LoVE fiLTer

Description : Drum sequence app

Description : trAP roCK guitaR uSINg frUIty loOPS20 SYtrus ELECtriIC5 SoundZ
REverB X DelAY X LOve FILteR

Description : #sadness

Description : 110bpm

Description : Minimoog V + Purity

Description : Bells with gross beat and pitch automation

Description : F# Minor

Description : hope you like it, thank you for downloading
F# Minor

Description : Didn't even mean to make this. Thought I might upload and see what you guys think.

Description : couldnt figure out the drums so you guys go hard. keen to hear what you come up w tbh dont stress on a link tho its chill

Description : Background bell sound, ear-candy.
Key: E Minor

Description : Free Drums

Description : Vst used: Refx Nexus 2

Please leave a link to your work!

Can really use this loop for anything,
Trance, Rap, RnB etc.

Description : Vst used: Refx Nexus 2

Leave a link to your work when you use this sample!

Loops 1 - 25 of 2146
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