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Description : Kick Meyer Type pluck Loop in Bb; Hope you find this useful. Please post a link to your song in the comment section if you use one of my loops, I would love to hear it.

Description : I Don't Understand In Trap Things So...And Why There Is No Pluck Category Or I'm Blind!!

Description : Hope usable

Description : Hope u enjoy! SHARE YOUR WORK - i need to hear dat bro. 4real!!
Offers: Making personal loops. Searching for deals. Check out my profile for contact
BPM: 164

Description : Hope usable

Description : Hope usable

Description : Synth DSI Mopho X4

Description : Synth DSI Mopho X4

Description : Chinesy Sound Pluck

Description : By Mikhail Catan

Description : By Mikhail Catan

Description : Synth Pluck played on the Yamaha SY85


Description : Pluck Harmony, show me what you got boys n girls :)
It's my first loop for this page

Description : Synth pluck thing in omni

G minor

Comment what you make I wanna hear!!

Description : key is c HARMONIC minor. if anyone makes anything sick with it, please comment the link of the track. :]

Description : Harmonic Minor Scale;
Show ya beats!

Description : Lol made with Serum for more informations or special sounds, ask XD and send me the songs you made :)

Description : Pluck and keys mixed together from ElectraX.

Key is in D# Minor.

If you use it leave a comment

Description : if u don't know how to get rid of that click sound by know u prolly should give up producing

Description : wewfafsfsafasfa

Description : Hope usable

Description : Link me what you got

Description : Hey guys, i've done this with sakura but I don't know how to put hard bass like scarlxrd.
Show me in comments what you do with that

Description : HEAR THE WHOLE LOOP!
-try half time on this
-made w/ nexus
-dont forget to share for feedback

Loops 1 - 25 of 1289
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