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Description : Used for recent beat. Comment if you do something with it.

Description : Hope usable

Description : Don't know why I made this to be honest

Description : if you like this melody comment would love to hear it

Description : Chill Piano Loop made with LABS by Spitfire Audio.

Description : Made using LABS by Spitfire Audio. Has a nice vibe to it.

Description : Piano melody inspired by Lil Baby, Gunna, NBA Youngboy

Description : texture/ vocals / simple piano

Description : Nice piano loop

Description : nice little piano melody that fits multiple genres

if you use it, id love to hear it, drop a link

Description : Hope its usable

Description : Made this in 2 mins lol

Description : I think it sounds pretty dope tbh!

LMK what you make in comments!

Description : A Minor Harmonic.

Link your track if you use it.

Description : Bells piano using omnisphere in FL Studio

Show me your creations

I think the key is F but i'm not sure

Description : I made this using a hi-hat sound and putting it in piano roll and messing about with it for a bit.
If you use this comment the link :)

Description : toronto loop
sakura/ vocals/ piano

Description : animal cruelty

Description : A four bars piano loop I made on Fl Studio. It sounds perfect for a trap beat, but you can use in whatever you want.

Description : Gentle comp-ing chords played on grand piano. 8 seamless bars.

Harmonies: Dmaj9----A13

Description : could be used for lofi or a pop beat

get creative with it

if you use it, drop a link. I would love to hear what you can do with it

Description : it sounds like old school hip hop

please comment if u made something with this melody.

thanks !!!

Description : Go to My Bio If You Want This Midi. (Midi Name Limbo_160)

Description : Let me hear what you make.
Made with dream piano preset in Xpand!2

Description : Created with Purity. Also added delay.

Loops 1 - 25 of 11083
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