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Description : A hard hitting drum loop with some percussion mixed in

I'd appreciate it if you showed your work (email in bio or comment)

Description : D Minor

Vst used: Ample Percussion Cloudrum

Link me what you made

Description : just some very energetic dubstep drums with rides, hats, percussion etc.
will fit great to a heavy dubstep drop

Description : 8 seamless bars of a percussion section playing an upbeat Bossa Nova groove.

Description : ambient percussion track with no real key

Description : Just a small drum pattern with no kicks or 808s

show me what you make :D

Description : Trap Drum Loop with unique Hi Hats, Percussion and fast 808.

Comment your beat!

Description : Trap Drum Loop with unique Hi Hats and percussion.
Comment what you did with it!

Description : i just removed the percussion

Description : Hello,
This loop should fit with the sinister choir loops .

Description : 4 seamless bars of a laid-back slow Funk drum and percussion groove with a trippy psychedelic feeling.

Description : 8 seamless bars of a brisk 16th-note riff played on hand percussion in an expressive space.

Description : A punch percussion loop.

Description : I hope you enjoy this loop. Link me your work in the comments.

Description : Kick, Snare, Hat and Percussion

Description : Some loops out of a track I'm working on (you will find a draft in my tracks). Can you make something out of it? Let me know!
Basic scheme: Gm - Bb/F - C - (F/Dm7)

Description : dark atmospheric techno kick with some percussion

Description : enjoy

Description : 808 Subs in order are G#, G and go back and forth, with 808 claps with less reverb than normal, 4 different HH and percussion throughout with slight compression. Has kind of an old school feel to it

Description : Joji type percussion element with a chopped up bass and effected rim hit. Please comment here with links to what you create!

Description : 808 kicks, the key of the 808 kicks is B, A , G and the key of the 808 Claps is G. Then there’s 808 HH and 909 HH, and a bright HH then a triangle and bell n other percussion.

Description : Tight Snappy SD, thick full SD, 2 different kicks and one of those kicks have hits that are tuned down a step, 909 HH with BP filter, 808 HH with BP filter then 2 FX HH, then light vinyl scratching throughout the background, a muted triangle, and a couple other percussion instruments.

Description : Clubish HipHop Drum Loop, fairly busy drum loop(as in there is quite a bit of stuff going on), 808 Claps, 2 kick drums 1 really deep almost sub type the other kick not so deep, several percussion instruments that have a BP filter on them, 4 different HH

Description : Uptempo Drum Loop for a Club style HipHop beat. Cool vibey beat with reverb snaps, then 808 claps, 2 different snaps, 2 different claps, 2 different kicks, one kick is in the key of G the other kick is in the key of D and a low Sub kick that is in the key of G, triangle and other percussion placed throughout. Let me know if it’s alright or if it sucks..

Description : Chill deep kicks, hi tight snappy snare, a lot of intricate Closed HH work with 4 diff HH, echo snaps, panning open hats, and other percussion..

Loops 1 - 25 of 686
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