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Description : Again made in FL studio. Trap style percussion and a weird little sound effect.

Description : perc loop. drop what yall make from this

Description : If you use it, please link me what you made!

Description : Dark sounding drum loop with rides hihats and bassdrum.

Description : Dark sounding percussion, with more bassdrum.

Description : Dark Trap Percussion, but with hihats

Description : Really dark sounding and slow drum loop.

Description : perc loop with a lot of flair

Link me what you make :)

Description : Dark synth percussion, Hit me up for collabs of free custom loops

Description : This is a synth but sounds like some kind percussion instrument and a guitar.

Description : tiene que estar agradecidos :)

Description : agradescanme, les regalo este loop, este loop lo deveria de vender, pero como soy bueno, se los doy gratis.

Description : A simple, weird percussion loop from a heartbeat. Make some heat with it

Description : flower boi type beat stuffs.

Description : flower boi type beat stuffs.

Description : percussion bass mute loop

Description : Bouncy 808 with drums and percussion.

Description : This is an 8 Bar Dubstep percussion loop but will work with most bass driven music! =)

Description : This 8 Bar Dubstep Drum Loop has a lazor type sound in the percussion line making it Fly TNT! ENJOY! +)

Description : This is a powerful classic Dubstep Drum loop with percussion.

Description : Snare x percussion!

Description : A hard hitting drum loop with some percussion mixed in

I'd appreciate it if you showed your work (email in bio or comment)

Description : D Minor

Vst used: Ample Percussion Cloudrum

Link me what you made

Description : just some very energetic dubstep drums with rides, hats, percussion etc.
will fit great to a heavy dubstep drop

Description : 8 seamless bars of a percussion section playing an upbeat Bossa Nova groove.

Loops 1 - 25 of 703
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