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Description : Feel free to remix and put link in below!

Description : pretty nice

Description : A 1970's organ is given slow filter-sweeps.

Harmonies: C#---Fm7----F#maj7----B7add9

Description : Used Toxic Biohazard VST, Organ Toned Down ToTc
Link me ur fire beatz

Description : 8 seamless bars of some mellow, rich chords played on the Hammond B3 organ... with plenty of Leslie FX added.

Harmonies: Dm7----Cmaj7

Description : 8 seamless bars of a soulful riff played on a Hammond B3 organ with rotating Leslie speakers.

Harmonies: C--F6--C--F6--C--Am7---G7sus4---G7

Description : added some noise to the high end for this one

Description : Hope this is useful

Description : Organ chords with big sound
(Zaytoven, Kanye West)

Description : Organ melody

Description : Post your Beats with this loop in the comments, please

Description : Throwaway Loop - Golf (D#) (Full) (Re upload)
Leave your creations below, i'd love to hear.
Tags - Tyler The Creator, Lil Mosey, Trap, Organ, Bells, Pad, xoboy

Description : Nasty Tyga Strip Club Organ Bassline

Description : Tell me your results ;)

Description : Chiptune Organ

Description : COLLECT ALL SIX! Because I will be taking a break for a bit. These loops can be use in almost any genre with some creative thinking and abilities. All 6 are in E Major.

Description : testing my new controller jet ski skrrr

Description : testing my new controller jet ski skrrr

Description : skrr skrr

Description : Hope usable. Please leave your links below so I can listen!

Description : Would like to take a moment to thank everybody for 50000 downloads in just 2 and a half months,and for all the nice comments from u guys!
Would also like to apologize for not replying to comments been busy as hell,but took some time today and answered to all of them!(hope its all of them!

Description : Upbeat percussive Hammond organ riff in the late 1960's style.

Implied Harmonies: E---E/A----E/Asus4---E

Description : The Twilight zone on some hard trap ish...

Description : Made with Harmless

Description : Sorry it took me ages haha been super busy :$

Loops 1 - 25 of 663
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