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Description : A funky riff on electric guitar reminiscent of 60's and 70's Funk.

Implied Harmony: D7#9 (D Blues)
Description : A bouncy bass guitar riff with an oldschool feeling.
Description : 8 seamless bars of an oldschool Afro-Cuban Conga dance rhythm, from the Great Gatsby Era.
Description : Mellow drum can be used in lofi or oldschool tracks peace
Description : 8 seamless bars of a B3 Hammond organ laying down a sprightly, highly-swung shuffle groove. Be sure to feel the triplet-eighth swing underneath this groove.

Implied Harmonies: Bbmaj----F13
Description : Short 4-bar riff of oldschool girl group harmonies.

Implied harmonies: Em7---Am---Dm7---G7
Description : Short Arp-Loop, very Oldschool sounding Synth.
Perfect for Techno, House and other 4 to the floor
Description : Oldschool Funk Hip Hop Style Drum Breake 120 BPM
leave some feedback and a link in the comments if you use this loop
Description : I added some glitch sound effects. Send me your work!
Description : Oldschool West Coast Synth - Leave a link if you use it ;)
Description : 8 seamless bars of an oldschool reggae groove played on organ, with FX added.

Implied Harmonies: Cm--Fm---Cm---Gm
Description : Eight seamless bars of a gospel/soul choir singing a plaintive riff.

Implied Harmonies: Bb----Ebmaj7
Description : Lo-Fi Oldschool Drums
Description : I case you are wondering how the voice bit was made Its samples from a Bollywood film played lower on the piano roll no special effects I get most of my samples from YouTube and use fruity loops Its believe it or not better than ableton or anything else fruity loops can be used like a oldschool sampler
Description : Usually I upload oldschool loops, but here a trap arp.
Description : oldschool synth glide
Description : 3/4 time (jazz waltz feel, andantino tempo). 8 seamless bars of a male quartet doing an oldschool pop/doowop groove.

Implied Harmonies: C---F6---C----F6
Description : 8 seamless bars of an oldschool R&B progression played on piano.

Implied harmonies: C------F6
Description : I made this with my beautiful Impulse 49.
Description : trillian_vst, 87bpm
Description : Made in FL Studio 12. Simple FX loop to use on like some oldschool hip hop or something like that
Description : Have it created with Impulse 49, this was hard
Description : oldschool dubstep plucks with lots of reverb
Description : Hip Hop Beat
Description : Made some oldschool hip hop drums. Hope you enjoy it.
Loops 1 - 25 of 112
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