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Description : Oldschool Strings
send me your tracks! ^^

Description : e minor
made in reason

Description : e minor
made in reason

Description : Just a little funky diddle recorded on real acoustic drums

Description : 8 seamless bars of a syncopated riff typical of 1960's Kingston Ska. Do note: Typical of a reggae beat, the first eighth-note is silent.

Implied Harmonies: A----Bm7---E

Description : Made with Omnisphere

Description : 8 seamless bars of a punchy brass section, doing a riff typical of pop England in the early 1960's. Essentially monophonic, oldschool-style. Note: this is a syncopated groove, meant to be heard against a steady 4/4 rhythm (like my Early 60's Britpop Drumgroove). The first downbeat here is silent.

Implied Harmonies: E Blues

Description : 8 seamless bars of a piano riff, typical of "British Invasion" pop in the early 60's. Deliberately a little strident and jangly-sounding. EQ it down, if you need to. Essentially monophonic, in the oldschool style.

Key of E Blues

Description : 8 seamless measures of a steady, brisk 8th-note based drumgroove typical of a "British Invasion" pop record of the early 1960's. Deliberately big, jangly and a little noisy, (yet never clipping 0dB). Essentially mixed monophonic, too, oldschool-style.

Description : Oldschool hip hop drums 92 bpm

Description : Some ambient, oldschool melody with "vinyl effect"

Description : Thats in D Miner...whoo

Description : Its D miner, just for information

Description : I made this flute with the DAW Reason, it`s the sound "Orchestral Flute"
Its miner

Description : Very oldschool Drumkit for a nice Lo-Fi Track

Description : oldschool beat with vinyl crackle 90bpm.

Description : Oldschool westcoast piano. Have fun! :)

Description : if u do smth, dont be shy, lemme listen

Description : 85 BPM - oldschool

Description : Show me your creations with it

Description : A project I no longer continue, feel free to show your creations

Description : Oldschool Sample Arp made in Ableton.
Put the Beats/Songs you make with the Loop in the comments and i'll check them out!

Description : Hard hip hop oldschool type drum

Description : A kinda oldschool drums

Description : Lo-Fi hip hop drums

Loops 1 - 25 of 142
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