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Description : 4 bar hip hop drum loop...old school sound.

Description : Old School House set... chose finest sounds I created....and beats are meant to be played at maximum volume. Let me know if you to hear what they go into. Enjoy!

Description : Heavy Drums, Dirty

Description : Dirty Drums with a fast old school hi-hat

Description : Old school Hip-Hop mixed with Pop sound.

Description : Piano melody and chords I made in a Grime tune. Nothing came of the tune and I ended up liking this bit the most so I thought I'd share it with you! Feel free to message me with your end product or if you either the melody or chords as separate loops!

Description : vintage drums triplet swing shuffle swung old school

Description : Exactly as the title says. Trying to make a old school beat and when I got done I thought it sounded very jungle like. Let me know if you found this useful! :)

Description : groovie drum loop for old school vibe. enjoy.

Description : Can also be used in 120bpm! I couldn't think of a title for this one so I just put emotional drum loop cause its coming off a new track of mine that I would consider very emotional. Let me know if you found a use for this

Description : This coming off one of my new tracks that I still have yet to title. Anyways, its a pretty simple old school sounding drum loop. Sounds alot like my other drum loops. Let me know if you liked it or not :)

Description : Drum Pattern with a nice kick and snare

Description : Old school hip hop beat with some reeverb. Let me know if ya dig it.

Description : Its got that old school sound especially with the hit at the beginning. Let me know if you liked it or not.

Description : One of my favorite drum loops I've uploaded to here. Nice old school sounding drum beat with a shaker added in. I think it sounds wonderful. Let me know your thoughts.

Description : Similar to the first one but different. Let me know what you think :)

Description : Simple old school hip hop drum loop. Can also be used at 90 bpm. Let me know if you enjoyed this or not. :)

Description : Also works in 100 bpm. Thought this was a classic hard hitting old school beat. Let me know if you dig it or not. :)

Description : Couldn't really decide which genre it fit better. All you need to know is that its hip hop. And for those of you who don't know this loop can also be used in 90 bpm. Let me know if ya dig it or if ya don't dig it. Input is always appreciated. :)

Description : This loop works in 100 bpm and thats actually what I intended it to be. Anyways another old school drum loop :) let me know if ya dig it or if you don't dig. Either way your input is always appreciated.

Description : If you know me you know I'm all about the old school hip hop. And I finally discovered how to make my drum loops loop right. So here ya go this is the first of many drum loops you'll be hearing by me. Enjoy :)

Description : Something like old school beat!

Description : I thought this was great for some old school hip hop. Let me know if you guys like it or don't like it. Or if you use it :)

Description : Nice electronic drums. Electro Trance

Description : Old school synth progression in CMaj. Electro Electronic

Loops 426 - 450 of 490
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