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Description : flutter, wow effect, noise, crackles
Description : Simple techno decay increasing hihat created with korg monologue VCO's white noise and AD fake SR.
Description : the neighbors who make noise in the building it breaks the balls
Description : Realized with Fl Studio,Technics SX K700 and Korg MONOTRON. Please, send me a link of your work if you use my loop ;) Thanks !
Description : Realistic sounding guitar made with RealGuitar, rain and vinyl crackle background noise, b minor key.
Description : Every dubstep song sounds empty without background noise! Add some extra crowd noise to make the drop sound even fuller. Link what you made!
Description : Use it for free.
Description : Use it for free.
Description : Just Sweetcase Chords
sweetcase Noise ASH plugin vsti
Description : industrial- made on synth
Description : Use it for free.
Description : Here's a loop for y'all. Show me what you got. D# minor and 97bpm.
Description : death style mixed on riddim (i think) with some white noise
Description : Not the best EQ tho, made with Audacity and FL Studio 12 Demo. Play it in reverse for a Generic Impact.
Description : Bg Noise For Guitar Loop comment below for more loops
Description : Bruh....
Description : i sampled the chestburster scene from alien for the screams and that kinda choking gurgling noise
Description : A massive pink noise rise.
Description : Here is a basic sound you often need for Psytrance and other EDM genres: 8 bars of a backwards crash cymbal, used for ending sections of your song. The actual audible noise here happens over the last 5 bars (hence my need to make this an 8-bar Loop). You may wish to cut off that final little "crunchy" at the end to get a smooth sound.
Description : how about some awful noise
Description : A Loop nice to use for a drop in a Future House Track. Some white noise is added over the notes to make the sound stronger. It is already sidechained Made with FL Studio 12
Description : Hey everyone, this is my first loop. Lounge Lizard VST W/ Vulf Compressor and Retro RE-20 for Vinyl Noise and LFO. This is one of the chord progressions for my track 'Visor' off my new project 'Ephemeral Beams' check out my profile for more info.

Happy Sampling.
Description : Used for a track I made for one of daniMru's nice loops. Have fun with it!
Description : Piano with noise filter
Description : Some Funky Hip-Hop. Kept things down to about -4db without a limiter, which means you can add one to this if you like. Did NOT dither, leaving that up to you. The noise from dithering sometimes adds undesirable noises to your fxs when mastering but you can still dither this one too, if you like.
Loops 1 - 25 of 343
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