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Description : This is heavily distorted. Small melody progression, very evil sounding. There are also small bits of much higher pitched, faster wobbling of the same noise.
Description : A re-upload of a guitar loop without the white noise
Description : Made a machine noise into a virtual instrument. Link a track if you use, and do the same on my other loops please. :)
Description : so i recorded 5 sounds with my microwave... opening it, closing, pressing start, punching it and recording its noise... pls tell me wtf am I doing with my life, leave a link if u use this XD
Description : arab desert noise
Description : I played on my piano some chords with ornaments. If you used it, why not to show me how?
Description : A little white noise for you tracks. Have fun! ;D
Description : a really weird noise i made with serum...i guess this is what you get when u mess around on a VST lmao
Description : I make noise (LF)
Description : Freaky pitched Noise
Description : ........................
Description : Pad loop created in FL Studio at 140 bpm,Dm. Aiming to help add some atmospheric disturbance padded noise to your productions to give it that Jungle Hunters Edge. This heavily reminds me to watching the Predators movies.
Description : inspired by a Video...a guy make a cool Lo-Fi Hip Hop sound out of NOISE...and I want to try it...this is the result...enjo and give feedback....
Description : Pad loop created in FL Studio with some interesting results. Hidden city, lost ruins, timeless time. 80 BPM D. Happy noise making! Peace.
Description : Good for some Menu background perc noise type of loop. Works nice for mix and match, alteration of the loops I provide are also encouraged, be creative as you can, you set the limits you go through.
Description : this is a rain effect i made using an LFO and some brown noise
Description : ............
Description : this is for the beginning of a future house track.
Description : 8 seamless bars of a creepy theramin against pink noise sea-waves, as if from an old horror movie.
Description : this is some white noise i made
Description : this took me like a minute to make in massive
Description : 1990's Hip hop samples - East coast style
Description : ...........
Description : for anything
Description : Hip Hop Piano With Noise
Loops 1 - 25 of 313
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