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Description : Half sped bell melody with background noise

Description : NEW Cyberpunks Melody Loop Kit out now //
Message me for the MIDI or if you want the loop without some of the sounds // Socials are on my profile page (Click on my profile picture).

Description : Dope hip hop beatbox, unprocessed besides some compression and noise reduction.

Description : Minecraft EXP noise
leave a link!

Description : Enjoy and show me what you can do.

Contact me to get my SAMPLE PACKS, custom loops, drum kits, .midi files and .MIDI PACKS. Click on my profile picture. Or leave your e-mail address if you want to send me message via Looperman.

Performed on disassembled upright piano Vyatka (MADE IN USSR 1986).


Ishu pomoshnika na studiu v SPb, semplirovanie jivix instrumentov, v osnovnom. Zarplata normalnaya, contacty v profile.


Description : Part Of WTF Collection (String Thing,String Thing With Noise, WTF Bass FM Octaves 2,3,4)

Description : String Thing With Perc Noise on Top

Description : Please if u have this perc whithout this noise on the background send me via discord or email
(my discord and my email are on my profile)

Description : Rhythmic Brownian noise

Description : horrorcore type noise

Description : Chord progression with reverb, delay, static noise, put in fruity slicer to give the slight gating effect and reverse effect in some parts.

Root notes are B,C#,A#,G#,F#,G#

Description : No 808s. No FX. Just some Wide Noise.
If u use this please comment and let me hear what you made. I will give u some feedback.
Check the links on my profile to connect for some feedback / collabs.
I make custom loops. If you ever need one hit me up.

Description : created it via AMG2, used Waves CLA guitars and used some Halftime and messed with EQs and compressors. Thats why you can hear a bit of a noise but thats just cool :)

DM me for custom loops, beats, collabs and other BUSINESS. Find me via the name I put on my title, you know where. Or just DM me here.

Description : a lo-fi piano rhodes's with vinyl noise fx
chords progression: Emin - Dmin

Description : a lo-fi piano rhodes's with vinyl noise fx

Description : Link your beats in the comments. honestly what even is this noise

Description : Made with 3Xosc in FL studio

Description : Tempo: 126BPM
Beats: 8

Made from forest sounds.

Description : Let me know what you did with this in the comments.
leave the link, thanks
Click on the profile picture to find out more

Description : Just some regular hold white noise impact. Nothing special. Recommeneded for Dubstep.

Description : Yeah this is another noise oscillator job

Description : noise oscilatooooor

Description : The clock is ACTUALLY 60 BPM. I removed most of the irritating background noise, and didn't record an even amount of ticks, so that's why it might sound... off...

Description : White noise-esque rain. Sorry about the awkward tempo...

Loops 1 - 25 of 433
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