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Description : losted loop
Comment What you made!

Description : It's more of a travis scott trippy aspect sound. BUT has a migos type melody. So make a banger! As always - post your links and drop requests for new sounds! #SoTunedUp

Description : aaaaaaaaa

Description : Made with Harmless (Stock Plugin in FL)

Description : Just a quick Synth Lead, wich sounds great in my opinion.

Description : Migos Culture style. Go head and cook it up!

Description : B Minor Arp. This loop is in the style of Migos, Pharrell, Mike Will Made It, and Rae Sremmurd. Thank you for being apart of the Retro Crush Family. For the Midi, please head to our bio for more information.

Description : I am BACK!!!!
For My Day Ones

Description : Hit me up with a pm if you take it to a project

Description : drop links to your beats below.. I would love to hear them all

Description : Hit me up with what you make

Description : Hit me up with what you make.

Description : Link your projects!!

Description : made in logic

Description : flute from migos culture lotus flute 137bpm

Description : Made with Dune

Description : Made with FL studio, just bumped something on my keyboard with a pad, i'm very
curious what u will make out of it drop it in the comments!

Description : Little drum pattern I created, 808 notes are F and C

Description : Flute that may remember you the migos style.
Link me what you came up with:)!

Description : Slippery Type Beat

Description : Added a nice lil' gross beat on it (half time).
Sounds something migos would hop on produced by metro boomin maybe

it aint equalized, (do it yourself lol) + turn down the volume on the loop on your daw a lil bit ty

Description : Played a spacedrum, put it in reverse, chopped it up, reversed it back, pitch shifted and stretched it, added 1 spacedrum slap on top of every start, reversed it back

Description : G# Minor

For custom loops, contact me.

Description : Hit me up with what you made for sure

Description : Same as 808 with kick V with added snare and hat.s. Inspired by the Metro Boomin Razer videos and the Gucci, Migos, etc. type 808's with a punch kick.

Loops 101 - 125 of 168
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