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Description : Haven't seen much of these so figured I'd try one, let me know if you guys like these and if I should do more!

A minor
Drop what you make, I will always listen!

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(please read profile info first)

Description : hard drums if u wanna collab message SLUGSZZ on soundcloud and i will make some 8 bar drums

Description : A Heart Attack sort of melody, would sound great once again as an intro.
-Builds up well
-Share what you make!

Description : A heavy Scarlxrd type loop that would sound sick as an intro to a trap metal bamger.
-Share what you make!

Description : Soft Piano good for dark beats if u wanna collab or need some dark or hard trap metal beats message my soundcloud (SLUGSZZ)

Description : drums from my metal hybrid

Description : Trap Metal drums from my song, show me what u make :)

Description : Trap Metal drums, show me what u make :)

Description : i made a trap metal drum loop

Description : Type:Pad/Metal - Key:G Minor - BPM:70

If you use this loop in any of your productions, please share them with us in the comments below! To contact us please visit our website in the 'About Me' section of our profile!

Description : on my guitar im using a metal end byang guitar pedal as my amp too pc as it is also a preamp

Description : check comment plz

Description : Realized with Fl Studio and Technics SX K700. Please, send me a link of your work if you use my loop ;) Thanks !

Description : Throw away loop made with tremolo picked mandolin preset. The chords are Bmin - D6 - E5 -F#7. This can be used with a distortion plugin for a black metal sound.

Description : Leave Comment if used!

Description : Show me your work!

Description : absolutely loving this plucky kind of metal synth sound for a house beat.

Description : absolutely loving this plucky kind of metal synth sound for a house beat.

made the whole thing dissolve into reverb to serve as a sort of build up to the drop

Description : absolutely loving this plucky kind of metal synth sound for a house beat.

Made a kind of sidechain reverb sweep for a segment after the climax or something

Description : Dark Weird Creepy Rap Trap Hip-Hop Sample Loop by:
Purple Six Beats
Drop the links below, would love to check out Your flip on My loop and throw some thumbs up. ;)

Description : drumss

Description : Dark sounding piano, inspired by a black metal riff I came up with on the guitar.


Description : Sequence of arpeggiated and minimal notes.

Description : trap metal drums, thought it would be something scarlxrd, prxjek ect would use.
please link if you use my loop only, ty

Loops 126 - 150 of 629
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