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Description : field recording from a small factory where they are producing metal pieces for roofs or something like that. the wav file is like 6 or 7 min long but I want to go back there and record these machines again but closer, so I can reduce the noise floor... 148.8 bpm I guess

Description : @numbbert2o
hope usable, leave a comment if u like this, it's important for me

Description : KEY: Eb-min
TEMPO: 80bpm
kinetic metal layers

Description : KEY:A-min
TEMPO: 126bpm

Description : Another foley type thing, this time made from an empty beer keg.

Description : link what you have made :)

trap metal bass that goes hard when side chained

Description : some drums i never got round to using hope you enjoy check my music on soundcloud

Description : Message me for a free exclusive Nightclub Loop Kit Contact Info on my profile page (Click on my profile picture).

Description : sounds pretty nice ! :)

Description : Dark trap metal loop in C Harmonic Minor. Made using Poizone and Nexus.

Good for hard/dark trap metal beats in the style of Scarlxrd, Ghostemane, XXXTENTACION, Lil Pump, Smokepurpp, Ronny J, ZillaKami, or SosMula.

Email me for custom loops.

Comment anything you make with it, I'll check it out!

Description : I am bringing the METAL so you got to bring the GHETTO! You know what I mean. It is 140bpms so you know what you got to do with this one.

Description : NOW THAT´S A LOT BETTER! I´ve changed the sound of the 808 and it sounds a lot better now.

165 BPM, a# min

enjoy :S

Description : its been a while since I have uploaded some trap metal drum, so here´s more!

a# key in harmonic minor scale, 165 BPM

enjoy :S

Description : Great Mother of Metal! Doing this last one and taking a break for a while after this one. Rock this one HARD, PLEASE!

Description : Leave a link if you used!

Description : Composed it myself some years ago, i hope its usable :)
Send me your final results

Description : Classic black/death metal drums

Description : Trap Metal 808

Description : Sound of Israeli square, metal jacks being shaken in hands, then thrown onto stone tile. Recorded on ipod, daw is Bandlab. Please put link in comments if used.

Description : scarlxrd x prxjek inspired drums

Description : Metal Trap 808 Loop ,
I'll share it piece by piece if it's of interest.


Description : Weird bass

Description : ^^^^^

Description : Hope usable

Description : Peep the snare lol. 150 bpm made in FL 12. Link to work please.

Loops 1 - 25 of 610
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