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Loops 1 - 25 of 1926

Description : Quick lil melody I made. Checkout my Profile for more Trap Loops!
Description : .....
Description : Just a lil melody a made
Description : had fun doing this
Description : House melody built with Sylenth on Fl Studio (sidechained). Let me hear the finish if you use it :)
Description : Bobb your head!. 100 Percent original and royalty-free. If you have any questions send us a message! Check out our profile for more!
Description : Produced by @808purp
Description : A litte something I cooked up a while back and never used. Add a little side melody and you'll be straight! Chord is D# Minor 9th
Description : Melody @ 130BPM - Good background melody.
Description : .............
Description : piano melody from vst "mini grand"
Description : Enjoy
Description : .....
Description : my remake of the flute melody from portland
Description : Hey guys here is an another melody from my very own pack 'SYMPHONY' ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Description : Guitar Melody From My #1 Hit Track
Description : Gangsta short melody
Description : simple yet nice
Description : E-guitar melody, wet, created with Ableton Live
Description : marimba loop, chord and melody, dry, created in Ableton Live
Description : Marimba and string melody, reverb and chorus, created in Ableton Live
Description : Wet Guitar Arpeggio Loop, created in Ableton Live
Description : Since more life just dropped I decided to try and replicate the melody from the second track which is lit.
Description : A little something I cooked up a while ago and never used. I hope you guys will find a use! Message me your creations!
Description : Waldorf Blofeld
Loops 1 - 25 of 1926
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