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Description : Dunno' kind of christmasy. Happy beats only here.
Description : created with nexus
Description : make with ableton live
Description : Type melody of the beat plug
Made with FL Keys
Description : Synth Melody
I used TM88 Nightmare V3 ElectraX bank
Tell me if you like this loop !
Description : Made with Ableton live 9
- Korg MK1

Send me your work im curious.
Description : From my latest. Have fun with it!

EDIT: For anyone wondering, the 808 is made from Nexus. The high scream is part of it. gives the beat an extra flare to the melody. :)
Description : lofi hip hop or trap or whatever
Description : goofy
Description : Vocal ambience recorded by an artist I work with, pairs very well with the simple piano melody!
Contact me for custom beats
Description : half speed piano plus pad melody
Description : Vocals to the simple piano melody I uploaded earlier
Made in Reason 10
Description : This is a simple loop I made on a 7 string guitar using some effects - an experiment. It reminded me of "techno" music I guess ( I'm not familiar with peculiarities of genres of electronic music ).
Description : Made This loop Using FL studio. Your Free to use this melody without giving any credit. Give the link of the result in the description.
Description : The same violin Melody as before, but a little bit different. You can use this if you want, without giving any credit.
Description : I've made this loop using FL-studio 12. You're Free to use this loop without giving any credit. Hope you like it, please give the link of the result in the description.
Description : Mike Will Made It type piano melody
drop links if used
Description : Drake or Booba type melody
Enjoy !
Description : some pretty chords with a melody, played on my new midi keyboard :)
Description : Made with bells made by myself
Description : ... Retro Whistling, Custom
Description : Made in FL12
Idk the key cuz Im ass at music theory, I used the keys: C,D,G,A,B
Description : A simple piano and synth melody made in FL studio 12 using the purity VST. Please link your work if you use this loop!
Description : A dark synth melody from the "Dark Percussion Layers" Instrument in Alchemy
Loops 1 - 25 of 2307
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