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Description : """""""C minor""""""" melody

For any change just contact me!:)
Description : Made in fl 11..... I dont know, its like a gift. Have some fun with this... I love hearing what you come up with..

Percussion in melodic form
Description : A melodic drop I found that I made around a year ago and decided to give it away.
Description : I used a cello and pizzicato preset to make this dramatic / orchestral sounding melodic loop. You can use this in your hip hop beats. If you use this, drop in your links so i can promote them on my socials :)
Description : Melodic synth arpeggiator. Please drop a link to your track if you use it. It goes: Am-Am-G-G-Am-Am-G-C
Description : C# Minor
Deep, Dark, ominous melodic chimes produced by Mar Vibez of Retro Crush in the Harmonic Minor Mode. This loop compliments well with Smokepurpp, Lil Pump, Chief Keef or 21 Savage type beats.
Description : Powerful, Triumphant synths produced by Mar Vibez of Retro Crush in the Melodic Minor Mode. Compliments well with Travis Scott type beats. For more info, go to the link in our bio.
Description : Melodic Chord.
Description : Here's the drums. I made this quickly in Logic. This goes with the synth loops I posted
Description : A Virtual Riot style melodic dubstep drop without the bass hits. I whipped this up in an hour so enjoy Show what you made! The presets are not available. The key is Eb
Description : Just reversed the piano notes really
Link me your beat if you use :) thanks
Description : Melodic dark bells I whipped up #KCOnThaKonstruction
Description : Nice little melodic percussion drop.
Description : Simple, melodic and left fairly dry for you to filter, mess about with and add you're own effects. download and let me know if you find a home for it :-)
Description : Dope synth I made in Serum.
Description : :PPPPPP
Description : A melodic bed.
Description : a really simple melodic percussion loop with a basic trap riff. If you use this or want to give feedback, it would be appreciated if you could leave a comment.
Description : Goes along with the chords
Description : Progressive stuff
Description : Slow attack sustained lo-passed saw notes with random rhythmic marimba resonance. Reminds me of some of Solar Field's sounds from the Mirror's Edge soundtrack.
Made using Ableton stock devices.
MIDI and device chain files available on request.
Description : Melodic Minimal-Techno Chords. 8 Bar Loop. All Sounds 100% Royalty-Free.
Description : Nord Stage 2 Melodic Chords. 8 Bar Loop. All Sounds 100% Royalty-Free.
Description : Melodic Piano & Synth Chords. 8 Bar Loop. All Sounds 100% Royalty-Free. #I'm in the Top 100 uploaders.
Description : thin melodic snare, awwww made in SunVox tracker
Loops 1 - 25 of 355
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