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Description : Gminor

Description : thought it was good enough to upload

Description : A bell sort of instrument with half speed on it. I can't seem to get the right pitch with it so if you can use it, go for it.

Description : Nostalgia

Description : 60 bpm

Description : haven't been posting too much lately... anyway this is some random stuff i wanted to make. key is major. effects include maximus' lofi preset, grossbeats 1/2 speed and a large amount of reverb. please comment whatever you posted with it. love to hear it.

Description : cool lofi drum very calm

Description : chords played were g and em, pitched down 4 semitones, used my epiphone special 2

Description : This is a different type drum loop for my upcoming song on Spotify! ALL FREE TO USE!!! :D

Want more of these foley drums with lofi beats? Please comment! I'm happy to do more of these! :D

Description : cool loop made with omnisphere because this plugin is fire
send me what you make :)

Description : aesthetic vibes

Description : Great for intros!

choir + radio static + vinyl crackle + rain + explosions + dogs + birds + (...)

Description : got my old stuff back (drum kits and vst´s) after my pc broke. got a new one so here we go.

You know what to do! I want to hear what you did whit it.

Description : Thank god it's Friday today. I've had a really tough week, have been fighting my depression all this week. But today I feel so much better


Description : Wet and ambient LoFi Hip Hop keys made in Nexus.

Link your beat below! :)

Description : Throw on some izotope vinyl or someting and some lofi drums. Add a sub bass and voilá, your beat is done. Or just do whatever you feel like. The chord progression is rather wierd:
((:Cm Cmb5)(Gm Gmsus4?:))
Syncope between Cm and Cmb5. Same thing between Gm and Gmsus4.
I didn't what to call Gmsus4, but basically it's just a Gm with a c instead of a d on top.
I'd love to hear what you've come up with. Just leave a comment down below.
Have a nice time

Description : I remade this LEGENDARY part of a song that all Lofi artist would want to sample.

Description : Been a while but I been havin fun w/ the DPiano-E plugin. Sounds really smooth and realistic. Anyway if you end up usin it, Id love to hear what you made. Good for lofi hip hop, jazz rap, RnB Soul, or boom bap.

Chords: Fmin9, C#9add13 (i think), Bbmin9, C9

Description : if you make a beat leave comments.
Click in my pic to check my another stuff!

Description : 120BPM, be creative, post a song link in the comments

Description : Don't forget to use vinyl sound effect for this loops, makes it even more lofi.

Description : Feel free to use it and show me what you made

Description : It's summer. You waking up in the morning, you grab tea or coffee and you going out you porch and you just sitting there and thinking about life. It's kind of that loop...

Description : Quick loop i chopped together from various other (copyright-free) loops. Good for lo-fi or abstract hip hop. The clicks and pops are intentional. If you made something, let me hear it.

Loops 1 - 25 of 608
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