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Description : Just a Liquid drum Beat.
Description : Liquid DrumLoop
Description : Lighter, happier stuff compared to my normal posts. A simple but elegant synth melody for a liquid or chill trap beat. Enjoy!
Description : Made In FL Studio 11
Drop a link if you used it
Description : Smooth Op. fine liquid and dank herb. Mix n Match, Peace.
Description : A dark-ish liquid flute synth made with Alchemy
Description : A nice liquid bass at 140 bpm in Fmaj
Description : Trying to get a hang of this chords thing :/
Description : Since I've enjoyed those working with my loops and those sharing their products with me, as well as amazed by their products, I've decided to step it up a notch! I give you all another fresh and relaxing sound I'd love to see you use, especially in liquid or melodic dubstep! Enjoy, guys and gals! Thank you so much for your feedback! You deserve this!
Description : Download all 3 .... Post a link ^.^
Description : Download all 3 .... Post a link ^.^
Description : Download all 3 ... post a link ^.^
Description : Oldschooltune, Pianoloop of liquid - sweet harmony.
An early 90's track. Released by XL-Recordings
Description : Egyptian-Liquid-percussions-92bpm
Description : Another Liquid Dubstep synth drop
Description : Logic Pro
Description : Logic Pro
Description : Melodic synth drop
Description : Another simple melodic dubstep drop. I think i have left enough room for you to make it your own. I suggest a growl bass during the breaks. There is a sub bass underneath already but if you want to change it the synth will still sound fine if you drop the low shelf to allow room for your own. Would really appreciate any comments weather it be feedback or suggestions for future loops that may benefit you. Thanks
Description : Basic Wide layered synth for Melodic and Liquid Dubstep. I suggest maybe making a melody on top and perhaps a sidechained subbass underneath. Good with a 4/4 drum beat.
Description : .......
Description : Someone requested a liquid bass, and this was what i came up with. [Made with Massive]
Description : 174 BPM.
Description : 174 BPM.
Description : 174 BPM.
Loops 1 - 25 of 93
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