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Description : 3 synths mashed up together with various effects like delay, reverb bass enhancer and stuff like that, be pretty good for an instrumental lead if you were rapping about death or summin
Description : andjlka.sbdvbnm,.lkjhbnmasdnjkas.dh678910234987829
Description : This is a pretty sinister lead, this would go perfect for some dark vocals, especially for a single 32 bar verse of pure flame.
Description : yet again, from the same track I did the Lagato 808 beat, this is just soaked in reverb and good for basic looped instrumentals for rappers to tear it up! yet again, gimme credit where it's due would be great ;)
Description : In part with my twangy soft guitar loop
Description : More parts
Description : More parts
Description : More parts.
Description : I am going to break it into parts for people who want parts of it.
Description : Another version since everyone enjoyed the first one :D. Again made with fl studio
Description : Aminor 124
Description : A somewhat hard kick drum to back up the Yamaha PSS-30 March beat. Simple but effective, and sound design is courtesy of the Eat Lead Copper modular synthesizer. Composed along with the other "Thinking of You" loops, which are at 140 BPM, and are 3 bars long.
Description : Last week I uploaded the track these loops are taken from. Al the loops are completely dry of any Fx so to get the best out of them add sidechain, reverb, delay and maybe a chorus to them. Enjoy.
Description : Some experimental shit for me
Description : Hello guys it's now time for some brand new "HYBRID TRAP" stuff hybrid trap is a style which is evolved when trap and dubstep elements are combined ..... it was coined together by some of the famous people over there such as skrillex , snail, getter , jay karama etc... so i decided to try out some hybrid stuff and here it is hope you guys will like it please do give a listen and convey or show to me what you guys have done with it ... ENJOY :) NOTE- I made this loop using harmor lead and robotic talk presets of HARMOR along with some mixing .....
Description : D min - Random Arpeggiation - 145 BPM.
Description : I took that funky guitar lead and added a bunch of interesting effects to make it sound even more funky :) You can use it for any type of production ! Just comment a link of your work below if you used it
Description : A Minor, Hit me up for a collab!
Description : Hello people i simply cant forget my old roots so this time i have decided to provide you guys with cool bass lead it is made using harmor sesquatch plugin it is most commonly heard on some cool blasterjaxx , bassjackers tracks.... so ... use it and tell me or show me about what you guys have done with it... ENJOY :)
Description : Overwerk Style
Description : If you use leave link :D
Description : A Lead made with Nexus, inspired by Tm88
Description : this is a simple patch I made in serum for future bass. If you want the patch just ask. (If you want to make it the only thing I did was use a square wave and a phaser)
Description : If you use, give props :)
Description : Made in Serum. Add some sidechain, some vocals/background ambience and a phat drum beat. Show me what you make with this :)
Loops 1 - 25 of 2231
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