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Description : A very silly hum indeed. I used it my self some years ago: I recorded an idea on my cellphone but when working on it, I thought it sounded too stupid to use it for a serious project. So I used it to create something silly. Now I re-recorded the humming. Probably useless unless you want to create something silly too. Have a laugh, enjoy!
Description : FX Loop; Childs Laugh - Children's laughter - Child is laughing. Hope you find this useful. Recorded with a H2next. If you use one of my loops in your song, I'd love to hear it. -> GET A PERSONAL LOOP NOW. More INFO on my PROFILE PAGE (Click on my profile picture)! Contact me only via facebook please! Thanks
Description : Found this weird sound on my grandfathers recordings and decided to make it fit to a kinda trapbeat, use it for whatever you wantXD (Got to upload it again cause of soundproblems;(
Description : This is a remake of a previous loop without the laugh added.
Description : Laugh
Description : Laugh
Description : Space
Description : vocal sample of a funny also little creepy. a couple good belly laughs.
Description : fruity loops
Description : And another one. This one makes me think of what it'd be like to hear a cyborg laugh. Enjoy!
Description : Here's the next one in the set. This one sounds crazy to me (like a duck laughing). Enjoy!

Side-note 2: The tempo for these jumps around a little for some reason. As I said in the previous loop, I didn't capture the original (I just edited them).
Description : Here's the next one I did for the series. Opps, I forgot to mention the reasoning behind the name. Pretty simple, really, I was thinking back to the classic Amen Break and in a laugh-at-how-silly the literal vision of that would be (a drummer actually breaking down to pray in mid-song) and, well, one usually has prayed whenever they go to say 'amen' so I figure it fit. Okay, I'll stow it now (headdesk). Enjoy!
Description : Just Listen and please..dont laugh
Description : Made with an Alesis Micron + ProSonus Pro
Description : A really cool Distorted Vocal laugh.
Made with an Alesis Micron + ProSonus Pro
Description : One day you'll try it.
Description : Can be used in any genre, same as Creepy Groan
Description : Me laughin
Description : me on the vocals saying with the forces of Evil, ( scary laugh) only God can save us.

Description : A friend of mine laughing
Description : this is a recording of a female laugh, not a kid but a cute chinese lady :D
enjoy, chop it up and use it as such
Description : Self
Description : scary kinda clown laugh i did!
Description : a deep laugh.(voice)
Description : An f'd up giggle
Loops 1 - 25 of 25
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