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Description : Playing around with hi hats and I liked this muted sound after applying a treble cut. This rhythm is very common in contemporary latin music.
As usual, the loop is royalty free and requires no credit. At the very least, leave a comment here and connect with me on social media.
Description : Keen to hear anything you make with it :)
Description : Hope usable
Description : Here some latino vibes highly inspired by Major Lazer type drums.
Hope you like it and send me what you did with ;).
Have fun.
Description : 4 seamless bars of an exciting, vigorous mambo rhythm in the vintage Afro-Cuban style.
Description : 4 seamless bars of a quasi-Latin early Disco groove from 1974.
Description : A subtle, medium-tempo Latin/R&B thing from about 1974. 4 seamless bars.
Description : A basic guitar arp made with DUNE 2.
Description : Lead that goes with the piano
Description : Little piano made with Nexus
Description : My friend Jean Paul in my latin song "The old Calypso". Chords: F / Dm / Gm7 / C7
Description : From my original track "Este verano caliente" (verse side)
Playing my classic guitar Ibanez Salvador. Chords:
Cm / F / Cm / G
Description : 4 seamless bars of a medium-tempo rock-latin shuffle, very much in the style of the 1969 recording "Barabajagal" by Donovan.
Description : Eight seamless bars of a medium Latin beat.
Description : As played by Stef in a Cm latin-rock jam.
Description : ukelele rithm latin , can u used for a intro, i make this with a real ukulele from vallarta mexico
Description : Loop I created with my drum kit. Please put a link if you use it; I'd love to see it integrated ;)
Description : Latin-rock guitar in Am key
Description : Extract from my latin jazz song in 6/8 tempo.
My solo on turnaround in Gm C7
Description : Designed to accompany my Latin-Rock Guitar Strum loop, this is 8 seamless bars of a drum, clap and tambourine get-down with some reverb.
Description : 8 seamless bars of a heavily-strummed folk guitar, playing a retro Latin-Rock groove.

Implied harmonies: Eb---Ab---Db---Ab
Description : For my song "Roberta dança a batucada". Chords: Cmaj7 / Fmaj7
Description : Made for samba. Chords: Bb / Eb
Description : Here is 8 seamless bars of a basic Afro-Cuban Cha-Cha-Cha rhythm as performed by a typical Latin percussion ensemble.
Description : This Chord progression reminded me of one of my last composition Indonesian Travel Song althougb it has turned out quite different. It has a classical touch at the beginning and some Jazz chords in the second part of the loop. It has also a bit of cuba or latin character.
Key is in c minor.
Loops 1 - 25 of 114
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