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Description : My first Kick made with Sytrus and without other plugin effects added.I know,maybe too much distortion.No hate

Description : Put you're nice 808 's and kick on this.

Description : Wanted to get a bit creative with this drum loop... Kick, 808, hi hats, snares, and claps

Please drop a link in the comments of what you made with this! It would mean to world to me, i love seeing what you guys make.

Description : For the transient, I used filtered gaussian noise with a very short and snappy envelope placed on the amplitude. Then used three oscillators - Two sine waves, slightly detuned from each other and a filtered square wave. All with slightly differing amplitude envelopes.

Feel free to cut this however you'd like.

Send me your work or leave a comment if you use it, I love hearing other people's material.

Description : DA Doman Drums
By Nasty B
808 kick,kick,clap,hi hat
Check my bio for collab/latest projects/beats/loops.

Description : Hybrid of 808-bass and trap kick.

Description : Basic Kick Pattern For Trap

Description : Kick, snare and 3 little percs. Kinda fast for a lofi beat but it still sounds lofi.

Description : link your projects below.

Description : More old-style future bass in that the sub has no sustain, making it sound like an elongated sub kick.

Description : A kind of hardbass kick.
170 BPM.

Description : Extremely processed hardcore kick with high amounts of distortion.
Enable Cut Itself
Tempo:160 or over

Description : No description
Default tempo:160BPM or over
Use cut itself if is need.

Description : inspired by SIDO´S - Ackan feat. Dillon Cooper
some variations with 808 distorted slide
With super distorted Kick´s and some chants

leave a link in the comment if you make some fire beat

Description : Pharrell Williams X Snoop Dogg Type Drum Loop
By Nasty B
Mouth Pluck,2 Toms,2 Snares,2 Hi Hats,Kick
Check my bio for my latest project/beats/loops.

Description : Comment what you make! check looperman profile for a free melody kit!!

Metro boomin, guitar, drake, hip hop, rap, kick, Cubeatz, Migos, offset, Quavo, Polo G, Lil Tjay

Description : kick snare hihats

Description : this is loop five of eight from one of my new free beats on both soundcloud and youtube (Area 51 Type Beat by Lil Tiddy)

Description : Southside type drums (808 and kick).
Link your work with this loop below!
Interested in exclusive loops or beats?
Contact me via my looperman page, and i'll get
back to you ASAP.

Description : snare hi-hat and kick funk
sonor acoustic drums

Description : Trap Music For

Description : Software used : Fl Studio 20 and Reason 5

Description : Hardcore kick made from zero with a clean sound.
Default tempo:160 BPM

Description : Trap Percussion Loop 2 - 145 BPM - Just add 808/kick/Melody

Description : Layered Kick

Loops 1 - 25 of 2180
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