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Description : made in nexus, last one for tonight
Description : send me whatever u doods make from this!!
Description : W O K E
Description : W O K E
Description : Thats a kinda melody I would use as an intro. Plug your mic in, distortion fx and autotune... give this one the heartbreaker sound even kanye would cry to it ! The echo was so bad af! You guys lit! If you are going to use it leave a link of your work. For more Info check my profile page or dm me on Facebook! Cheers!
Description : From a cancelled beat I had planned. Kind of sounds like Kanye to me. Can be 80 or 160bpm.
Description : pretty versatile beat, quite similar to one used by kanye in a song that i forget the name of.
Used it in the song 'sleepyhead' that i uploaded here ;)
Description : kanye type drums.
Description : Logic Pro 9
Description : Another chop loop for you guys :)
Description : Fmin.
This is a voice singing 'ou' with a Kanye inspired autotune. I hope that's a good enough description ^^' I used it on one of my tracks called 'Munchies'.
Let me hear your projects if you use it!
Description : Looks like some of you need the vocal too. There you go. Vocal effects such as Roomworks verb, Studiochorus and Pitchperfect plugins and more. Enjoy.
Description : Composite of a vocal done in the studio on a string but used a unique technique to compress it to provide this harmonic sound in the string and vocal. Similar to what K West would use over and over.
Loops 1 - 13 of 13
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