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Description : experimental harmonic Jungle notes

Description : Yep, Perfect for Jungle.

Description : A Flute with some special gross beat.
I have no idea what you could use this for but if you do use it please link so we can hear.

Description : Type:Flute - Key:D Minor - BPM:165

If you use this loop in any of your productions, please share them with us in the comments below!

Description : My First Loop, made with FL Studio & Omnisphere

This is a Rich The Kid x Lab Cook type loop
Upbeat and fast - Make some bangers & leave them in the comments!


Description : Crazy Jungle Type Drums

Description : Not like drum&bass jungle, but still jungle - recorded on real drums

Description : FL8 16bit 44100hz wav

Description : Title

Description : Like a Movie :D

Description : Mockery

Description : Dunno what i'm doing, but it's there now...

Description : Used Sakura for this wonderful percussion loop. Plenty of room for your input.

If you make something out of it I'd love to hear it.


Description : Let me take u higher

Description : A really hypnotic sound! I really liked. You can dance at anytime!!
Made in Fl Studio 12.
Please share your work when you use this loop. I would like to hear your track!

Description : Sounds pretty cool, got an old vibe to it.

Description : Description

Description : Old school UK Grime type of bass with that Jungle feel you don't hear much nowadays.

Description : B Minor Arp. This loop is in the style of Migos, Pharrell, Mike Will Made It, and Rae Sremmurd. Thank you for being apart of the Retro Crush Family. For the Midi, please head to our bio for more information.

Description : Molly In The Jungle Pad 125bpm G

Description : Molly In The Jungle Lead Synth 125bpm G

Description : Molly In The Jungle Keys 125bpm G

Description : Molly In The Jungle Bass 125bpm G

Description : Molly In The Jungle Full 125bpm G

Description : fgfgfgfg

Loops 1 - 25 of 310
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