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Description : Sad melody loop made in FL Studio 20
(on looperman it doesnt loop properly, but I have tested in audacity and my DAW (FL 20) and it loops fine)

Description : Pls Link your beats!

Description : This is a Juice Wrld melody that is straight HEAT PLUS FIRE

Description : it was made with omnisphere in FL 20.1
let me know what you have done with it

Description : Pls link your beats!

Description : Show love and check out my bio for my stuff !

Description : I tried to remake the melody of Lucid Dreams by Juice WLRD .Hope you enjoy!

Description : c minor
made in Logic Pro X
used two Nexus2 instruments
comment SoundCloud links :)

Juice WRLD, Iann Dior, Nick Mira, Playboi Carti, LB Spiffy

Description : Hey I tried to remake the melody of "Robbery" by Juice. Hope you enjoy!

Description : A Juice Wrld type chord progression

I'm uploading to try and improve my melodies, any advice or criticisms would be appreciated!

Description : Electric Guitar Riff in E minor. C to E. Lil Baby / Juice WRLD type. Delayed

Description : If you make something with this, drop a link in the comments. 4 bar loop

Description : Comment if you want the MIDI file.

Description : send me what you did.

Description : Has a nice and ambient feel to it.

Written in Cm
VST: Omnisphere2

Link your creations!

Description : Made a lil melody for ya'll :)

Lmk in the comments what ya use it for

Description : Juice WRLD and Uzi type loops made in Logic Pro X

Leave a comment if you use the loop.

Email is in my bio!

Description : I used electra x to make this nice loop. Id love to hear what you make.

Description : link if used!!

Description : link if used!!

Description : You can make it sound a lot better by adding effects, I was a bit lazy with this one:)

Description : Comment what you've made, also let me know if you wanna collab. I'll pick the best ones.

Description : Post your work in the comment

Description : Name says it all.
Just dropped a new Juice Wrld piano beat similar to this loop, comment below if you'd like to hear it :)

Description : Ambient, sad and dreamy vibe! The loops key is probably Dmin

Made in Logic using Serum and LABS.

Feel free to do whatever you want with this.

Leave links to your creations!

Loops 1001 - 1025 of 1364
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