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Description : Show me your tracks :)

Description : This is past you now.

Description : Your Piano is set to House Mode.

Description : Future house synth

Description : Good for house or edm, show me your work.
Key is D min

Description : Coming Back soon with some good deep house. One loop for now. Trust me, you can build your track around this one.


Hahah I just kidding people. Welcome in to the club. If you want to get into the club you must be over 18+, we serve alcohol in the bar right over there. Have a fun and you are welcome any time soon!

3D recording by Alex Kvist. 100 % FREE TO USE. You can use this on your song on Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube. Wherever you want.

Description : last leak from my free loop pack

Description : A bassy 4 on the floor with a sexy clap. Felt a little pumped up so I whipped up a simple yet Effective house loop in FL studio 20. Two tweaked grove kicks and a compressed clap.

Description : FH Synth G

Description : This is the excerpt from my house track, a background that is barely noticeable in the track, but definitely deserves more attention.

Description : Realized with Fl Studio, Kontakt and Technics SX K700. Please, send me a link of your work if you use my loop ;) Thanks !

Description : Let me know what you did with this in the comments.
leave the link, thanks
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Description : My first FL Studio Loop, hope you enjoy
-Share what you make

Description : Rhytm arpeggiator pluck synth for progressive house or trance. Please share if you use it :-)

Description : Claps

Description : Comment what you made!

Description : just some very laid back drums that sound like someone high could be rapping over them.

d-key in harmonic minor scale

enjoy :D

Description : trap house

Description : Minimal House Beat #2 in FL

Description : Minimal House Beat in FL

Description : reggaeton, Dance , Hall , Dancehall , Drum , Modern PoP, Calvin , Reggae, Electro , Ok , TikTok , Trap , Trap nation , Maluma , Maluma Shit , Disco , House, concert , dnb , jungle more , Loioperman lOOP de reggaeton free samples , libreria gratis, fhfhsid.

Description : Reggae , Reggaeton , DanceHall , House , Pop , Moombah ; Queen , Drum , Trap , Latin , Modern , TikTok , Meme , Classic

Description : Kick Monster , Hard Top , House... is Awesome!!!

Description : A Happy House Marimba Melody at 128 BPM!

Loops 1 - 25 of 2800
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