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Description : A FIVE LOOP FUNK PACK W/DRUMS! I am feeling mighty funky these days. I mean I am Mr. Funktastic after all. Time to juice up my funk loop catalog people. I got that feeling with this JAMES BROWN inspired loop set. Ain't it Funky!
Description : id love to hear what you guys could do with this.
Description : horns and vinyl
Description : 8 seamless bars of a small brass ensemble playing a percussive riff. Implied Harmonies: Bb----Ebmaj7
Description : THE REAL MR. FUNKTASTIC IS BACK! I got an emotional style R&B PREMIUM loop that also serves Hip-Hop as well. Just add drums, fxs, and a smooth ass mix and you got a hit. Vocals will work nice for this too. Cleared for all of your personal and commercial royalty free hits. I never ask for producer credits, and never ever any fees on my loops, you just do your thing. Please send me a link to your song based off of this when you are done. This pack has been PRE-MASTERED by me, Joe. The entire pack is kept way under 0.0dB so no clipping is my policy. It is pretty much almost plug and play! Enjoy! My Drums:
Description : some dope horns that would sound cool in a heavy trap drop or something.
Description : ye yee its a beautiful thing
Description : Used Session Horns on this one ! Dont Know the keys sry :( lets see if you can do anything with this ..huh?
Description : Used Session Horns on this one :D Chords are G#/F#/D#/C# I hope u make something of it ! :P peace out!
Description : Made in FL w direct wave movie horns. This is my first upload set. i plan to do more but this was just kind of a whim lol. Enjoy!
Description : KEY: Bb-maj TEMPO: 144 bpm My Replication of the horns from Frisco & Chip - Are You?
Description : KEY: C-maj TEMPO: 105bpm Some vintage sounds
Description : Have fun!
Description : KEY: A-min TEMPO: 130bpm Kontakt horns
Description : As requested
Description : Heavily Meek Mills inspired. The Solo Lead also can go with this sound if you choose to DL both :)
Description : lotta verb on em
Description : Brass horns
Description : KEY: C#-min TEMPO: 90bpm an accompaniment to Minor's Adicia strings
Description : Bright horn section stabs, at a fast tempo, in a bright room. Implied Harmonies: Cma7---Dm7---Dm7/G
Description : KEY: Eb-maj TEMPO: 144bpm Some Serum Tweaking for a cool brassy synth
Description : Share your links!!
Description : 4 seamless bars of a percussive horn motif. Plenty of reverb. Bright, punchy and growly, so EQ or compress if needed. Implied harmonies Bb---Cm---F
Description : I want to make some medieval so this are the medieval Horns feedback in comments link if use
Description : KEY: F#-min TEMPO: 85bpm dope bells for the horns
Loops 1 - 25 of 148
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