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Description : Rock style drum kit loop infused with some HipHop, a drum beat played heavy on the toms, SD and kick with percussionists accents on the open HH, closed HH, Ride and crash cymbals. 75BPM

Description : Busy drum loop with quite a bit going on, with slight compression and EQ

Description : Original sample half timed. My file was names A minor But it is in Cmin. Whoops!

Description : HipHop Drum Loop with a moving Band Pass Filter.

Description : Drum Loop, Happy Halloween, Be safe out there people..

Description : Made it while watching the Super long Dodgers-RedSox Game. Chill drum loop, busy footwork for the BD, theres 4 diff Bd, a big thick main kick, a sub like kick on the 1 beat and two low key kicks that are planned out R and L on the second half of the loop, 3 different HH, some HH FX, a low key Rev into the 2 & 4 beat to accent the SD. Busy HH work

Description : HipHop Beat with a beat of fusion intertwined. Slight compression.

Description : Tight Snappy SD, thick full SD, 2 different kicks and one of those kicks have hits that are tuned down a step, 909 HH with BP filter, 808 HH with BP filter then 2 FX HH, then light vinyl scratching throughout the background, a muted triangle, and a couple other percussion instruments.

Description : Pretty busy HipHop loop with a lot going on and track has some light compression going on as well as some slight EQ

Description : Part 1 has Radio Static FX
This beat has Radio static FX 909 HH and bright 808 HH, a SD fix the first half then a high tight popcorn like SD second half with rolls and a boom bap BD throughout.

Description : Clubish HipHop Drum Loop, fairly busy drum loop(as in there is quite a bit of stuff going on), 808 Claps, 2 kick drums 1 really deep almost sub type the other kick not so deep, several percussion instruments that have a BP filter on them, 4 different HH

Description : Really cool drums for hiphop or trap (808INCLUDED)

Description : Minor2Go Type Guitar Loop in B - MINOR; Hope you find this useful. If you use one of my loops in your song, I'd love to hear it. -> GET A PERSONAL LOOP NOW. More INFO on my PROFILE PAGE (Click on my profile picture)! Contact me only via facebook please! Thanks

Description : Uptempo Drum Loop for a Club style HipHop beat. Cool vibey beat with reverb snaps, then 808 claps, 2 different snaps, 2 different claps, 2 different kicks, one kick is in the key of G the other kick is in the key of D and a low Sub kick that is in the key of G, triangle and other percussion placed throughout. Let me know if it’s alright or if it sucks..

Description : HipHop-Fusion-ish Vibe. Thick with percussion. Triangle, snare With snares off FX every third bar or somewhere around there, 808 Rimshot, tight thick snare(not deep SD but thick), background SD rolls & flams, thick kick, it’s 69bpm but definitely has a faster feel and vibe, not chill.. this beat will pick up the pace on instrumentation at and around 69bpm. Hope it’s alright.. thanks

Description : Can be used for DnB or hiphop.

- If u use this sample, please send me a link of your work in the comment section -

Description : Chill HipHop Drums with a band pass filter in intro and on most percussion, except on Kick, SD & HH. Deep Kick, 808 HH, Tight Snappy Snare, SD Roll FX panning, 4 different HH, 3 of then have BP Filter, a low key Rev swells into the SD on the 2 & 4 beat.

Description : HipHop Drum Loop. Fairly standard(by my standards) HipHop Drum Loop. Deep kick, 808 HH, high pitched SD, 808 Claps, Snaps, 808 Rimshot, . There’s 2 diff Kicks, 2 SD, 4 different closed HH & 1 HH FX. Most of Loop is in key of Gm and the rest in the key of Cm but it meshes.

Description : just some drums I did, not that hard, just right for trap or hiphop

Description : A new spanish guitar loop. Think it works well for hiphop. Kind of inspired by Jedi Mind Tricks.

Can't remember what key I played it in:-(

Take Care and check out my stuff, PETAYAN

Description : enjoy. Show me what you did with the sample!

Description : Lil Peep, XXXTentacion, Juice WRLD, Lofi HipHop type beat.

Omnisphere, Fl Studio 20
Send me your works, plz :3

Description : Lil Peep was using my loops, Gunna ft. Young Thug & Lil Baby used my loop... So lets say this is Minor2Go Type :) Guitar Loop in D# - MINOR; Hope you find this useful. If you use one of my loops in your song, I'd love to hear it. -> GET A PERSONAL LOOP NOW. More INFO on my PROFILE PAGE (Click on my profile picture)! Contact me only via facebook please! Thanks

Description : Hype hiphop type loop. Show art below.

Description : Hard Loop for hiphop tracks

Loops 1 - 25 of 726
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