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Description : Factory NI Bell

Description : leave a comment if you use it

Description : Chords are: Gm, Eb, Dm7, F. Use for Hip-hop/Lo-Fi. Leave your work in the comments!

Description : Giant Piano Native Instruments Good luck!

Description : Pluck Hip Hop! Good luck!

Description : Symphonic Motif! Good luck!

Description : Ignorant trap/hip hop type flute loop. Meant to be somewhat dissonant and it has slight vinyl effects under it. Show me what you got.

Description : just some happy soundung edm/dance chords, which (i think) will still go nice with some happy sounding boom bap or hip hop drums.

d#-key in pentatonic major

Description : A soft lead made with a Roland TB3, Sound good on chill tracks, ambiant or Hip Hop.

Share if you use it !

Description : got my old stuff back (drum kits and vst´s) after my pc broke. got a new one so here we go.

You know what to do! I want to hear what you did whit it.

Description : Wet and ambient LoFi Hip Hop keys made in Nexus.

Link your beat below! :)

Description : My first loop. I made it with Sytrus and EQ'ed, Reverbed and phased. Let me know if you use it in your track

Description : Piano Loop in A# Minor and modulates to E flat Major last bar. Please drop a link if used! Would love to hear it!

Description : Created with Alchemy in Logic Pro X. Please leave a link if used so I can check out what you did with it! I'd love to hear it.

Description : Been a while but I been havin fun w/ the DPiano-E plugin. Sounds really smooth and realistic. Anyway if you end up usin it, Id love to hear what you made. Good for lofi hip hop, jazz rap, RnB Soul, or boom bap.

Chords: Fmin9, C#9add13 (i think), Bbmin9, C9

Description : i used omnisphere

Description : Lo-Fi hip-hop guitar loop

Description : Lo-Fi hip-hop melody made of piano chop because all my synth vst's have been fucked up surprisingly

Description : Made on a spaceship

Description : drums hip hop

Description : A very dark sounding Organ with minor chords. Perfect for Hip Hop/Trap music.

Description : created just by jamming around in fl studio using some free samples

Description : would be great with lo-fi hip hop drums

Description : Synth for EDM
send links,

could go well with future bass, hip hop

Description : sum green tea to heat yourself up

Loops 1 - 25 of 3065
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