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Description : includes some rims, snares, shakers, fill-in toms and a bouncy hihat pattern

Description : thought this would do some good; enjoy :)

Description : This is a Drum Loop for YG Type Style Beats.Includes Kick, Clap, Hihat, Percs.

Description : Just send me the Song you made XD

Description : Includes the 808, Snare, and HiHat rolls. The 808 has CamelCrusher on it for fatness and is in the note of G. Comment your track to hear what you've done with it!

Description : Just the HiHats.

Description : sorry pepes

Description : A steady Kick, HiHat, and Snare in a 2 Bar Loop

Description : Idk - nothing too fancy

Description : This is another version. Let me know if i should upload hihat loops i don't see those often here

Description : hihat for the creepy halloween type beat i cooked up called "dont look back"

Description : its a hihat loop

Description : The previous beat I posted, but only with the Open Hat and Low Pitched HiHat.

Description : 1 bar electronic loop. Simplistic, a pitched snare and a closed hihat. Vladjikastatch.

Description : kick 808 hihat double snare

Description : An original open hihat sound from my Roland Groovebox 505

Description : 110 bmp loop, 2 bars. Kick, snare, CHH and a weird effect on the hihat

Description : it's just a hihat loop.

Description : Simple techno decay hihat created with korg monologue VCO's white noise and AD fake SR.

Description : post soundcloud links if u used

Description : That Loop was created in Renoise.

Description : Just a simple hihat loop that I made but I never used.
Show me what you can do ;)

Description : Just a simple hihat loop that I made and I never used.
Show me what you can do ;)

Description : Use it for free.

Description : Use it for free.

Loops 1 - 25 of 185
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