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Description : Lmk if you use it in your song.

Description : Instruments: Kick, Snare, Hihat, Open Hat and 808

Do not forget to send the link of what you did for me to hear.

Description : DM for .midi

Description : Lil Pump type drums 100bpm

4 bars


Description : 160BPM
Spinz 808 also, check my profile

Description : Instruments: Kick, Snare, Hihat, Open Hat, Percussions and 808

Do not forget to send the link of what you did for me to hear.

Description : HIHAT TRAP 148.100BPM

Description : Use the corolla hihat from Nick Mira's Supersonic drumkit

Description : good hihat loop

Description : this is loop 7 of eight from one of my new free beats on both soundcloud and youtube (Area 51 Type Beat by Lil Tiddy)

Description : Great sounding Hihat... sites compression distorted it a bit but still a good loop. Put alot of velocity changes to make it interesting.

Description : simple. effective.
I used this in a slow melodic beat and it did well. didn't use a limiter... why people download hh loops remains a mistery. glad to serve you.

Description : Threw this together to give some motivation on those HiHats. Just a few tracks, not a finished beat. If you like, download and finish it.

Description : Software used : Fl Studio 20 and Reason 5

Description : This is long version. Enjoy guys!

Description : 808 Version. Enjoy...

Description : Enjoy..

Description : a trap hihat loop made by fl studio 20

Description : I was just messing around on fl tudio and made this and though that it sounded good

Description : A darker loop that sounds fire with a crispy HiHat and some filthy 808s

Show me what you made G

Description : 808- 808 9 (Sound Savage Drum Kit)
Kick- Kick 13 (Pierre Bourne Drum Kit)
Hat- COH HiHat 4 (Pierre Bourne Drum Kit)
Clap- SlowG (MZ Drum Kit 2019)
Snare- Fancy (MZ Drum Kit 2019)
Snare 2- PBS SN Mastered zSnare (Polo Boy Shawty Drum Kit)

Description : 808- Magnolia (MZ Drum Kit 2019)
Hat- COH HiHat 1 (Pierre Bourne Drum Kit)
Clap- Pierre (MZ Drum Kit 2019)

Description : This is a loop I made from a recording of my friend who can beatbox better than I can. I made a library of his sounds with his permission using my Rode K2 mic in 2006 ish, so it's old :)

Description : Juice WRLD x Nick Mira type drum pattern


Instruments Used In this:
808: NM - Audi 808 (Nick Mira Diesel Drumkit)
Kick: NM - Kay Kick (Nick Mira Diesel Drumkit)
Clap(s): NM - Huncho & lwh clap (layered) (Nick
Mira Diesel Drumkit)
Snare: Basic Snare (Nick Mira Magma Drumkit)
HiHat: Ganish HiHat (Nick Mira Diesel Drumkit)
OH: Open OH (Nick Mira Magma Drumkit)

Description : For this, I used:

Cymatics Astro Divinity Kick
Cymatics Astro Divine Hihat
Cymatics Astro Talk Snare

Loops 1 - 25 of 230
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