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Description : Simple high hat loop for your ease of use

Description : .........

Description : KICK SNARE and HIGH HAT at 120 beats per minute in 4/4

Description : Simple high hat loop made in FL Studio 12. Use it as you wish :)

Description : ///////// High hat made from a video blooper \\\\\\\\\\

(Also, Sounds great if you Eq the highs)

YouTube: BeatMinded

Description : Trap Drum with Hook high hat and military snare.

Description : Just high hat for Thunder Pop Drum 1.

Description : The one shots which went into this loop were created a while back, for my buddy Stohgs. Some sort of DIY analog synthesizer was used for it, though I'm not sure what exactly. Composed along with the other "Thinking of You" loops, which are at 140 BPM, and are 3 bars long.

Description : Snare free breakdown over a rock drum kick and high-hat pattern with a build up in bar 4.

Description : Open High-hat basic rock beat, played on an acoustic drum kit with kick drum sample replacement. High Hats on 1/4, Snare on 2 and 4 with ghosts. Slightly syncopated kick drum.

Description : A little high hat loop I made in 10 min. This was made at 130 BPM. If you like this loop comment bellow! I like seeing your comments :D

Description : New drums from my latest Hip Hop/Trap track. Feel free to use and please share any creations. All drums created in Reason and were mastered in FL Studio. High Hat pattern used in this loop is from xXSniperXx so big thanks to him and please check out his stuff!

Description : Jazzy high hat

Description : Very noise based high hat line. Could add some dirt and shuffle to most other drum patterns. Have fun.

Description : A simple high hat pattern designed on a virtual analog synth. Could be used for about any style of music.

Description : Simple drum pattern of kick, snare, and high hat to get your trance compositions rollin. Would probably sound fine at about any tempo as well. l8tr.

Description : A sort of groovy high hat kind of pattern. Sounds nice at this tempo, but it could definitely be stretched to fit about any genre.

Description : A simple high hat pattern programmed with my Zoom RT-123 drum machine. Could fit in with lots of genres, like dubstep, trance, house, techno, whatever...

Description : This is a strange high hat loop, with gentle modulation and effects. It's made from acoustic high hat samples. It's a little trippy, so it's good for acid of course, but could fit in with glitch, techno, house maybe, I don't know...

Description : A simple high hat line, made with vintage Korg samples. Definelt okay for hip hop, maybe good for chill out, downtempo, and dub.

Description : This is a funny vintage style electronic high hat sound, with some delay tails. Meant to help melodic elements blend well with rhythmic elements. Would sound good in glitch of course, but might be nice in electro, techno, breakbeat, and stuff like that. This is in the key of D minor.

Description : This is a fast paced closed high hat loop, made with sounds from the Casio CZ-101 phase distortion synth. I intended it for trance, especially psy or goa, but it could easily be at home in techno, breakbeat, dubstep, or things like that.

Description : This is a pretty simple analog high hat line, which I made for trance, especially psy and goa, but it could fit in with most genres. This was designed on my analog modular synth.

Description : Just a simple high hat rhythm. Could be used in many genres like dubstep, moombahton, breakbeat, acid, techno, and other electronic genres.

Description : Just another variation on a simple high hat rhythm. Could be used in many genres like dubstep, moombahton, breakbeat, acid, techno, and other electronic genres.

Loops 1 - 25 of 45
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