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Description : lol scrapped the project these were in
Description : 2 bar slow loop, 100 bpm. banging kick, nervously rattling hats and snare roll. Jack Matthew Tyson.
Description : Snares, Claps, HiHats, and Open Hats
Description : add some open hats if you want
Description : Two of my favorite artists
These drums give me a vibe to their music style, so yeah
Here you go yall (You can switch the beat up by adding more hi hats between the gaps so it can give it a bouncy feel)
Description : Drums from my song "Mad Man" . I removed the closed hi hats for you to mess around.

Chords are Dm, Am
Goes with my Future Maniac - Synth loop.

I'd love to hear what you make.
Description : Old school snare and hats 90s style 2pac type drum west coast recorded at 90bpm but sounds better at 95-100bpm
Description : Like a Ronny J Hi Hat loop.
Description : Made in FL Studio 12.5
Description : Without hats. I am lazy. Hope usable. If you used this loop, leave a link
Description : An RONNY J type Drum Loop which includes Kicks, Claps, Snares & Hi Hats.
Description : Playing around with hi hats and I liked this muted sound after applying a treble cut. This rhythm is very common in contemporary latin music.
As usual, the loop is royalty free and requires no credit. At the very least, leave a comment here and connect with me on social media.
Description : Had an idea to do a hi hat roll where all I do is go down 3 octaves on the same note. Tried it when I got home and it worked lol
Description : Drake x Kanye West x Pierre Bourne Drums w/o 808 (Kick, Snare, Perc, Hi-Hats)

Description : Drake x Kanye West x Pierre Bourne Drums (808, Kick, Snare, Perc, Hi-Hats)

Description : Travis Scott x Wondagurl Drums (808, Kick, Snare, Clap, Hi-Hats)

Description : Snare, Clap, Hi-Hats, and Percs

All sounds are created from a Skateboard

Description : COMETHAZINE ft. Smokepurpp & Wetemuh Type Drums (808, Kick, Snare, Clap, Hi-Hats, Percs)

Description : Smokepurpp ft. Lil Pump & XXXTentacion Type Drums (808, Kick, Snare, Clap, Hi-Hats, Open-Hats)

Description : 808, hi hats, open hats, clap, and rimshot
Description : Created 808Bass/hi hats OH/sfx collaborated sounds w/ GuillltY on piano & Slide01 on drums

send link if used in comments
Description : 150 BPM. Back and forth trap hit hats loop.
Description : 156 BPM. Trap shxt. T-T-T-TTTTTx3
Description : 146 BPM. Alien orgasm. Comment if used.
Description : Just some hi-hats! :D
Loops 1 - 25 of 892
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