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Description : same loop but with hi hats

Description : pretty standard trap loop with 808 and no hi hats

Description : for that one guy that asked

Description : Fatass 808's w/ vox, perc, snare, and fine tuned hats

Description : Kind of a broken up Dre drum pattern with a bit of medium fast trappy hats - recorded on real drums

Description : Super simple loop that has video game like qualities. With some crazy drums and hi hats, this could be a banger. Sorry it's so loud btw. Please share what you make, bc it inspires me to make even more loops for y'all and I always leave a comment on you works. Enjoy. It's in Aminor.

Description : This is the breakdown of my drum loop Dwights Beat Farm Full, This is Hi Hats 3. This is 5 of 8 separate loops to make up the full beat

Description : This is the breakdown of my drum loop Dwights Beat Farm Full, This is Hi Hats 1. This is 3 of 8 separate loops to make up the full beat

Description : Some trap drums to keep your heart beating and your brain sparked. Hats were done with effectrix, and its at 140 BPM in D minor.
All loops are 100% Royalty free, but dont be shy to share what you made!

Description : Some drums to play with, hats were made with effectrix, at 136 BPM in the key of D minor.
100% Royalty free be dont be shy to show me what you made!

Description : compressed hi hats with hard 808

Description : composed by erfman beats. Leave your links in comment section.

Description : If You used this loop leave me a link. (sorry i don't know how to call my loops)

Description : just with some gross beat
comment ur work

Description : I made a kinda simple trap beat and use dblue crusher to give it a chiptune kind of feel
The first part is kick/snare/hats, the second part is with the crash

Description : Chill deep kicks, hi tight snappy snare, a lot of intricate Closed HH work with 4 diff HH, echo snaps, panning open hats, and other percussion..

Description : Got some thiqq hats, added reverb, and just followed the progression (in case you're confused these hats start on the second beat of a measure)


Description : Added hats.

Description : Basic 808 for sap trap /etc

Description : The hi hat pattern I made for my track "Halloween" Try it with a fat 808 and listen to the magic!
As usual, the loop is royalty free and requires no credit. At the very least, leave a comment here and connect with me on social media.

Description : very hard 808 avarage drums ( rim, kick, snare, open hats ,hats)please leave a link to ur work in comments

Description : i tried panning the hats, i don't really know if i like it or not.

Description : kick, 808, hats, claps, snares, rolls, everything
comment if you use this

Description : Hi hats to beats and drops

Description : I like hats. If you could drop a link if you make something with this, that would be awesome!

Loops 1 - 25 of 937
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