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Description : Drums for dubstep/hybrid trap with crazy hi hats and rides.
Description : Enjoy!
Description : First ever loop Suicide boys style hi hats comment link to your projects enjoy!
Description : Basic drum loop that I've made. It includes a top kick, some second kick claps, and a few somewhat "human-like" hi-hats. Works with every key, and was designed for 128 BPM. If you like, be sure to leave a comment.
Description : If you use this in a song, please link it in the comments, because I love seeing your guy's work, it helps keep me motivated to make these!
Description : Very hard-hitting trap beat with sidechained cymbals/hi-hats. You may add sub yourself or leave it like that. I didn't add sub because I think the kicks are already fat. Please leave a link to the song if you use this loop.
Description : I've played with the hi-hats. I hope you will make good use of it.
Description : Trap Beat Hi-Hat
Description : Standard trap drums with some mean hi-hats.
Description : Used FL Studio 12 With Hi-Hats ;)
Description : Just a sweet little drum beat that you could use in an R&B or trap track.
Description : i made these w/ my own custom drum kit on fl studio 11 w/ fpc and it builds up so you can chop the kick and snare W/ SOME REVERB AND other effects
Description : Just a sweet little drum beat that you could use in an R&B or trap track.
Description : Hey my bros and sis !!! I am back again with an another trippy Hip hop sample ! it contains some heavy duty 808 kicks and hi hats and some of my special snares combined with some wonderful toms to give it a nice flow! ENJOY :)
Description : Snares, Hi Hats, Distorted 808s and Kicks... Hope u like it!
Description : Skrillex has changed his style, kinda, through the last few years. He follows a really repetitive style of sound. Here is an example of how he would process a bassline. Just add some rapid fire Hi-Hats, a harsh kick and a trap snare then BOOM, Skrillex Power! Loop made by: Oddlie
Description : My first machine gun hi hat roll(or whatever) that I used for one of my beats.
Description : Trap CloudRap
Description : Cloud Rap Hip Hop
Description : This is a drum loop with a kick, a snare, hi-hats and a 808
Description : Share with me, what you made using this sample.
Description : Been working on a LOT of music recently. My patterns have been getting better so here's a snippet of See Me Pop hi-hats.
Description : 135 BPM. Enjoy these drum loops.
Description : Metro Boomin Type Drums
Description : T R A P S T A R
Loops 1 - 25 of 188
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