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Description : I made this using a hi-hat sound and putting it in piano roll and messing about with it for a bit.
If you use this comment the link :)

Description : Hi Hat & Cymbals make with FL Studio 20 No Copyright.

Description : Hi Hat & Cymbals make with FL Studio 20 No Copyright.

Description : Drum loop consisting of a high hat, open hat, and 2 snares. Pretty simple stuff. Would be good in any trap beat, but especially a darker sounding one

Description : There's a hat, an open hat, and a clap in this one. it goes along with the ONE FOR ALL 808

Description : Lil Mosey - Been On Hi-Hat Kick 808

Description : Lil Mosey - Been On Hi-Hat

Description : 808- 808 9 (Sound Savage Drum Kit)
Kick- Kick 13 (Pierre Bourne Drum Kit)
Hat- COH HiHat 4 (Pierre Bourne Drum Kit)
Clap- SlowG (MZ Drum Kit 2019)
Snare- Fancy (MZ Drum Kit 2019)
Snare 2- PBS SN Mastered zSnare (Polo Boy Shawty Drum Kit)

Description : 808- Magnolia (MZ Drum Kit 2019)
Hat- COH HiHat 1 (Pierre Bourne Drum Kit)
Clap- Pierre (MZ Drum Kit 2019)

Description : Feel free to use the Sounds/Melody/Pattern but please mention me in ur song

Pi'erre Bourne Hi-Hat Pattern

Description : Trap Hat

Description : Dubstep/Trap Drum Loop

VSTs Used...

Description : Simple one 90bpm you may put your own hats in cos there is only a hat between kick and snare except a crash so u can try different. Show what you've done

Description : For this, I used:

Cymatics Astro Caffeine Kick
Hat Basic (Pitched)
Cymatics Astro Bystander Snare

Description : 808- Pierre (MZ Drum Kit 2019)
Kick- Uno (MZ Drum Kit 2019)
Clap- 6ixty (MZ Drum Kit 2019)
Snare- Snare (OKC Organized Kit)
Hat- Hi Hat XO (MZ Drum Kit 2019)
Perc- PBS SNP Slow Snap (Polo Boy Shawty Kit)
Open Hat- HHOP 808 XO (OKC Organized Kit)

Description : A loop for (pop,) rap and techno music: Post me a link what you made with it!
all the sounds are recorded from my drum kit on my keyboard. I don't know if there are any problems with copyright looperman?

Description : Just fun

Description : Simple hat loop

Description : Beat with crushed hats, simple hat, percs, 808

If you used this beat, let me know! I would be interested to listen to this.

Description : Basic Drum Pattern w/ Hat, Clap, & 808

Description : Some 128 BPM house drums with a kick, clap, reversed clap, crash, closed hi-hat, open hi-hat, ride, percussion and a rim at the end ;)
Let me know how you used it!

Description : O Hat

=) enjoy

Description : ...

enjoy :)

Description : just the 808 from my stinger drums (as requested ;D). Hat, Perc, Ride etc. are next ;)

f#-key in harmonic minor scale

enjoy :D

Description : Savages 2 hi-hats, kick and bass for your bit...

Loops 1 - 25 of 626
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