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Description : Drums off of a beat i just made. Put this over some hype melody and you got a banger.
Basic 808s, hard kick, open hi hats, and three different hi-hat sounds. There's a snare stutter at the end of the eigth bar.

Description : Gunna x Lil Baby Perc and Hi-Hat Loop
BPM : 128
New loops uploaded everyday 7pm (GMT00:00) !!!

Description : Rap loop for you chose hat and make a melodie! For beautiful melodies..

Description : Have fun with it.

Description : drum loop I made for a track earlier. has some hi-hat rolls that pan left & right. link your work so I can hear, enjoy

Description : Drums for the 'Clarity' series. Hi-hat roll at the end. Spinz 808, basic pattern that follows the kick. Clap too, nothing fancy in these drums. You can add vox and open hats over it if you find it necessary.

Description : Made in FL Studio, hi-hat roll at the end to serve as a transition. 808 slides up in pitch at the very end, with the hi-hat roll. Kick with Fruity Blood Overdrive on it.

Description : -Includes 808 (in either C or D)
-Simple Clap (placed on 3rd of each measure)
-Closed Hat (singled out on second measure)
-Open Hat (placed on 2nd of each measure)

Show me what you guys can do with these drums!

Description : Slow, good for like a chorus or something. Didn't work my trap project.

Description : Hi Hat Pattern 3 from an instrumental I made.

Description : Hi Hat Pattern 2 from an instrumental I made.

Description : Wassup guys it's Billion. I've been gone forever, but I'm back here again. This is my first loop upload, and I'd appreciate it if you guys left links to what you make with it and the rest of them. If you want any of my loops at a different tempo feel free to hit me up

Description : This is simply just a future bass/hybrid trap/dubstep drum loop I made this using a Cymatics future bass sample pack in FL Studio. I am not skilled enough to make future bass or hybrid trap. Please feel free to send me your creations if you do decide to use my drum loop!

Description : the hi hat for the drum loop to spice it up a little ;)

Description : HIP HOP drUMZ BOOm bAP STYle kicK X HI hat X SnaRE X ScraTCHEZ

Description : A hard trap hi hat loop.

Description : Random hat pattern that I'm not gonna use. I also haven't posted here in a while or used FL in general. Anyway, enjoy this.

Description : Kick, Snare and Hat

Description : Kick, Snare, Hat and Percussion

Description : standard

Description : standard

Description : Feel free to share your creations!

Description : Feel free to share your creations!

Description : Trap Hi Hat´s 122 Bpm - I'm glad to hear your project

Description : drum pattern from my new track moan

Loops 1 - 25 of 570
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