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Description : 4 bar Trap hi hat loop.
Description : Custom EDM Trap Hi-Hat Loop. Made with 2 samples. Hard Pans, slight reverb and a transient shaper.
Description : 808/Hi-Hat Loop @ 108 BPM link me
Description : This loop is created in FL Studio Alpha and stemmed. Loop length is 2 bars or 3.934 sec = ((60 sec/122 bpm) * 8 beats).
Description : This loop is created in FL Studio Mac Alpha from Vengeance sounds and stemmed!
Description : made with fl studio dark ambient horror stuff let me know if you use it
Description : Wit my Mouse
Description : This loop is created with FL Studio Mac Alpha and stemmed onto 3 parts: kicks, claps and hi-hats. Loop length is 3.750 sec. If you have used this loop, please send me a SoundCloud track link!
Description : BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM 4X4
Description : Loops by YTMBeats.
Description : its lit
Description : Not my forte, but something I thought I'd put out for you guys. If you use this in a song, please link it in the comments, because I love seeing your guy's work, it helps keep me motivated to make these!
Description : This is a modern hardcore/metal fast hi hat kinda groove. Bands like Expire, Turnstyle, Trapper Under Ice, Cruel Hand, Back Track, Incendiary, Cold World ect. I used Toontrack drums and Steven Slate layered together. This was made in Pro Tools.
Description : So this is a half tempo drum loop that I created for a remix (that totally failed, unfortunately). It contains the kick, some snares with lots of reverb and delay, and a hi hat. You can basically put it anywhere. Made in FL Studio 12.1. Tempo is 136 bpm (half tempo) or 68 bpm.
Description : 808 Mafia x DP Beatz
Description : A simple drum loop with a kick, hi hat and snare. If anyone happens to download this I'd love to hear your creations!
Description : I LOVE listening to figure. If you guys don't know who Figure is, you are missing out! Go listen to some of his tracks and tell me if these loops sound like his sounds! :D *Note: This is a Drum Loop that has an over compressed kick and snare with a heavy style hi-hat fill. Goes with Figure Bass Sidechained NO Sub and Figure Bass NO Sub. Enjoy!
Description : just a normal composition of hi hat
Description : just a normal composition of hi hat
Description : This is another drum kit I finished up. Hope you all can use it! If you do can you please link me the song or project you used it in! thnx. Just the hi-hat.
Description : Random hi-hat loop I decided to make. Please, share the creations you make with this. I'd love to hear them.
Description : Hi-Hat Shuffle made from EDM Grooves Content. My next uploads will be more drum kits so stay tuned! If you wish, show me what you have created with my samples.
Description : Kick, Snare, Ride and Hi-Hat.
Description : Authentic boom bap hip hop drumbeat made on FL Studio. No Hi Hat with vinyl static ambience.
Description : Performed live on a real kit, recorded in my home studio using Pro Tools HD and looped using Ableton Live 9. BPM: 140
Loops 1 - 25 of 167
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