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Description : Hey Everyone Here Is An Emotional Piano Melody I Put Together. I Did Start Putting Together A Song But After I Got Half Way Through the Song My Mind Went Blank And I Didn't Know What To Do With It. And Also If You Need The Midi Files Just Send Me A Message And I'll Send You Download link Cheers And Good luck Cant Wait to Hear What You All Make With This Melody :)
Description : Hey guys I'm back after a very long period and I'm here with another tangy my own style of hybrid trap lead made completely using Harmor FL studio
I used grunge preset from synthesisers in Harmor for bass and the default preset of Harmor to create the lead ....Hope you guys like it !
Description : hey! I've been a bit nonactive for a while so here it is a brand new tropical loop ! hope you enjoy !
loop made with percussion, snare, hat and cymbal. it works very well with a bit of reverb and delay as usual.
Description : Hey.... Wassssuuupp
Description : Hey everybody! Back here with some more Dubstep/Electronic drums. I used BassDrum, Drumpad, Sumo, Soundgoodizer, Grossbeat, and a Vocodex on this one. Have an awesome day! Let me know if you use it. I'd love to checkout your song! :D
Description : Hey! In this time I'm made heavy bass ! Hope you enjoy . :)
Description : Hey everyone! Back with another drum loop. Made in FL Studio. Used Sumo to fatten it up a bunch. You could add some Hats though, and it may make it a bit better. If ya use it let me know, and I'll checkout your song. Also if you have any questions, requests, or comments, feel free to message me. Have a blessed day!
Description : Perfect offbeat loop for your tracks. Made with a quick Massive patch and some "Hey" shouts! Link what you make!
PS The chords are Dm and C
Description : Hey, peeps! Been a while!

Made some drums akin to those used in Dancehall, Moombahton, or Reggaeton music. I hope that you guys'll find a use for it! Do enjoy and much love as always!

Software Used: Studio One Artist 3
Description : Hey on it's own
Description : Singing hey hey hey hey with panning
Description : Hey guys! We have been away for a while trying to do other business things. But we are always working on sounds and loops. So here is a bass loop that is more so made so you can split it into one shots and such. Have at it!
Description : KEY: G-min (detuned)
TEMPO: 130bpm
hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat.
Description : Hey, if you want professional drums, check
Artjomix's profile
Description : Hey Guys, This Is a loop from my most recent track
Description : High-quality Drum Loop. 4 Bar Loop. All Sounds 100% Royalty-Free. #Top50! Hey! Check my profile page and visit my store.
Description : Hey guys the notes are A...F.E.E.E.E.
Description : hey! hope you enjoy it (snare, clap, hat, percussions)
Description : Hey ! this is a powerfull string loop that you can use for your free project only ;)
Link your sound i would love to hear them !
Description : hey im tryna take over looperman too
Description : Hey, guys. I'm back!
Description : hey here is a new drum loop! enjoy!
(snap, percussions)
Description : Not my usual type upload but i said hey let's give it this style a try, let me know if you find the loop useful :)
Description : Hey guys after a long break im finally back !
Description : Hey guys after a long break im finally back !
Loops 1 - 25 of 395
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