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Description : Hey y'all, it's been a minute, but i'm back with another loop!
This time it is a Blueface type of drumloop, inspired by his song 'Daddy'

Post ur beat if you made something with this loop, i'd love to hear it!

Description : Hey everyone this is my first loop, let me know what you think of it! I would also love to hear what you make with it. For MIDI ask in the comments.

Description : Hey everyone this is my first loop, let me know what you think of it! I would also love to hear what you make with it. For MIDI ask in the comments.

Description : hey m8 111111

Description : i know it sounds like all girls are the same. didnt notice until it was all played together. but hey it works for type beats i suppose. put your comments below (also why should it matter if there are multiple instruments, this isnt Soviet Russia calm down)

Description : I where just listening to ransom by lil tecca and i thought to myself "Hey, Lets make an trap loop with hihats not changing but add a little more layers to tha beat".
Share what u did

Description : hey yall first upload, imma have hella in the future, lemme know what yall think, and post what you make in the comments.

Description : Hey, im new to uploading on Looperman so if you could give me some feedback in the comments it would help a lot.

Description : hey if anyone is interesting in supporting me i just got a new beat up on Beatstars!Link on my profile

Description : hey guys just wanted to know would anybody be insterest in me releasing a drum kit or a loop pack??i do not have many oriniginal drums but i do have for a small drum kit and i have plenty of loops,so wanna know is anybody even interested let me know down below!!

Description : Hey guys starting tomorrow im starting to make custom loops since im getting so many request,so go to my bio and hit me up on my email

Description : You guys always hang around graveyards and scare people?
Hey we're just having a goof

Description : Hey i think its not bad took me 5 mins lol

Description : My "Hey" producer tag.
Set to 120 bpm. Recorded by me and my friends in studio.

Description : hey, 1 year after i'm still here

Description : Comment links of beats you made with this melody!!


Description : Let's play boy! (reeeeeeeeeeeeeeemake)

Description : Hey, This is my first loop would love to hear what you guys make. Made With Nexus

Description : Hey guys, I'm back!! Heres a banger of a guitar melody for yall

Description : Tried to make a similar loop.

Did maker
Street Dancer
Shaker shaker
Hey, party maker

Description : Hey everyone, this is my first loop on looperman! It was recently featured on Kyle Beats yt on the sub melodies video. Please share what you made :)

Description : Hey guys, i've done this with sakura but I don't know how to put hard bass like scarlxrd.
Show me in comments what you do with that

Description : Hey Guys! this is the first loop ive ever uploaded onto the internet for people to have access to. Looperman helped me get started with making beats and still helps me to this day, so i figured i'd start giving back.

Made with ElectraX2 on FL Studio.

Description : Hey I tried to remake the melody of "Robbery" by Juice. Hope you enjoy!

Description : Hey, this one is super retro.

Loops 1 - 25 of 485
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