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Description : Hey, This is my first loop would love to hear what you guys make. Made With Nexus

Description : Hey guys, I'm back!! Heres a banger of a guitar melody for yall

Description : Tried to make a similar loop.

Did maker
Street Dancer
Shaker shaker
Hey, party maker

Description : Hey everyone, this is my first loop on looperman! It was recently featured on Kyle Beats yt on the sub melodies video. Please share what you made :)

Description : Hey guys, i've done this with sakura but I don't know how to put hard bass like scarlxrd.
Show me in comments what you do with that

Description : Hey Guys! this is the first loop ive ever uploaded onto the internet for people to have access to. Looperman helped me get started with making beats and still helps me to this day, so i figured i'd start giving back.

Made with ElectraX2 on FL Studio.

Description : Hey I tried to remake the melody of "Robbery" by Juice. Hope you enjoy!

Description : Hey, this one is super retro.

Description : Hey! How have you been doing? I hope you've been doing awesome. Today I'm bringing a banger with me! As always, give any kind of feedback and submit your tracks on the comments.

Description : Hey, pls lmk when you use one of my loops in your song, I'd love to hear it.

Description : it is in 95 bmp in mustard mode so yall can hear it and chop it.very rare hey chant

Description : hey guys this is my first loop on here lol

lil uzi vert x playboi carti style loop
E minor

send links if you use it!

Description : Hey guys! I missed you!

Description : HEY! Comment if you make something, hmu if you need something, and stay tight.

Description : Hey guys, I'm gonna be making most of the midi's to my loops available for free download (some loops I've lost the midi on my old computer) soon...

And don't forget to drop your project link in the comments, I really do love listening to what you all come up with :)

And Thanks for the Download -LouisK

Description : Hey guys this is my first loop comment what you made please I would like to hear it!

Description : Hey Guys!So i got this sick 100 BMP melody (some sort of a flute with gross beat),but i can find the perfect drums for,so if anyone wants to collab on the drumms,that would be dope(never done collab beats)hit me up in the comments or on my profile!

Description : "Hey Hey Hey Hey"

Description : if you make a beat leave comments.
Click in my pic to check my another stuff!

Description : Hey diary. It's been a minute since I posted here so I guess I'll start like this.

Description : Classic DJ Mustard drums (+ hey chant)

Description : hey u

Description : hey stop scrolling and use this it's really good

Description : An A Major Synth Lead at 90 BPM for anyone wanting to make a chill and cheery track!

hey that rhymed.

Description : Hey there! If you use this, let me check your work! I hope you enjoy.

Loops 1 - 25 of 468
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