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Description : some house i made with reason on my drum pad kontrol shit go hard let me see what yall done with this loop i feel like dancing
Description : Some heavy bass. Overdrive, few effect, overloaded limiter, over compression, over saturated.
Description : Some heavy bass. Overdrive, few effect, overloaded limiter, stereo.
Description : Some heavy bass. Overdrive, few effect, overloaded limiter. Mono.
Description : This is just so chill and atmospheric. I was just messing about in FM8 and created this. Not sure what it could be used for but it sounds calming. I left it dry, so to get the full effect of this loop add some heavy reverb.
Description : A piano loop with heavy reverb. If you use it, let me know. I'd like to listen. (:
Description : KEY: Eb-maj
TEMPO: 130bpm
heavy sakura rhodes
Description : Hey! In this time I'm made heavy bass ! Hope you enjoy . :)
Description : Heavy snare and a nice bass-toned kick. Taken right out of my sample pack I'm releasing soon! Check back for more and comment what you used this thing in!
Description : Bassy
Description : a heavy beat i made whilst testing bittersweetV3 by FLUX, its a good shaper, search it
Description : It is. 27 + 20. I made this 120 bpm 8-bar loop.
Heavy kick and snare, some toms, hihats, shaker and at the end a reversed, tuned down cymbal.
Description : A few sexy bass notes
Description : XXXTENTACION type drum
Lunar vision type drum
Description : show me what you got ;)
Description : UNIVERSAL MINI-PACK! COLLECT ALL 7! In this pack, I briefly touch on Soul, Trap, Rock, RnB, Chill, Metal and whatever else genre you can place this in. I dropped the entire pack into fusion because it is a pack with different genre sounds. At 70bpm you can change the bpm signature to 140 without messing up anything. HMU you know!
Description : KEY: A-min
TEMPO: 140bpm
some heavy sampling and keys in Toxic
Description : suicide boys 808 pattern
Description : KEY: C#-min
TEMPO: 140bpm
heavy layers and sampling here
Description : I've been making some impact effects to use, with lots of different types and uses. Over the next five days, I will release 1 impact a day! :D Enjoy them. (2/5 - Heavy kick-like bass with a long deep reverb with slowly dives out)
Description : New heavy sound i made
Description : Heavy half time shuffle with double kick. Real played and recorded from Roland TD-25 drum kit.
Description : Growl (Massive); Wobble (Serum).
Description : Another Tom heavy loop fit for a bridge section or an intro.
Description : Heavy Trap Genre Synths Loop...if used drop a link to where i can hear your work,
Loops 1 - 25 of 802
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