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Description : Some piano chords with effects

Please let me know what you think! :)

If you use one of my loops in your song, I'd love to hear it! :)

Description : if u dropped something with this post ur link

Description : heavy bass

Description : RnB Chords

Description : Inspiration from LUCYFXR ;)

Description : a heavy pluck type lead

Description : It's ya boy MassOccurProductions (YT). Got another loop here for ya. It's a guitar with heavy FX on it and has flutes come in on it for the second half. Lemme hear what you do with it!

Description : Sup people, it's ya boy MassOccurProductions. Dark choir in the style of Ronny J or Ghostemane among others. It's in D phrygian. I put a heavy flanger effect on it so it's kinda all over the place but it's whatev.

Description : WARNING TURN DOWN VOLUME. Drums inspired by PRXJEK and Virus the Antitode. 808 notes are played in C and A.

Description : Comment what you make out of it!

Description : Pitched RAW/Trance Kick.For 150 BPM or above.

Description : Custom Hardcore Kick Drum with high amounts of distorted bass.
Default tempo:150 BPM(or higher)
To adjust any settings in Fl Studio 20,set EQ(-50% or -100%) and set Boost around 30%

Description : heavy stuff

Description : This could be used in trap or Heavy Metal/Rock

Description : heavy

Description : Dubstep Drum Loop but w/o cymbals, only kick and snare :)

Description : Drum loop, but only cymbals :)

Description : Full Dubstep Drum Loop for your project's :)

Description : so I was just playing arround in Fl Studio and THIS happened!

140 BPM

enjoy BD

Description : Nice heavy and intense feel

Description : now that´s a lot of damage!

Description : Nice feel for heavy electronic mix

Description : Guitar melody with heavy bass

maybe Kanye West or Travis Scott

Description : Here is my first loop that I'm posting here, made in FL Studio with MiniSynth. Reminds me a little of the song California by Saba. I'm just starting out posting loops, and have only made basic trap beats with other people's samples before this, so feedback is much appreciated. Thanks!

Description : Guitar riff I recorded at home.

make sure post what you've done in the comments

If you wana work together hit me up on my Instagram (details in my looperman profile)
I'm keen to work with some big/upcoming artists and get my name out there

Loops 1 - 25 of 985
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