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Description : This has lazers, wobs, arp, and a basic side chain.
Made out of request from newlandreaper
Description : xxx-plosion, heavy
Description : Complex Drums, Heavy Bassline
Description : Another bass line from one my projects
Description : Yo! Post what you guys make from this loop!
Description : 160 BPM Kick drum is heavy on the lows.
Description : Drum Loop with a Heavy Bass
Description : C Hungarian Minor - Produced by Mar Vibez of Retro Crush
Distorted heavy electric guitar. This loop is in the style of Lil Skies x Lil Uzi. Thank you for being apart of the Retro Crush Family. If you want the midi, please head to our bio for more information!!
Description : Kick & 808 with Hi-Hats, Chants, & Clap & Snare.
If you use be sure to link it in the comments so I can check it out!
Description : Heavy Drums, Heavy bass, just like i want it
Description : Ok remake of "Strings and Bells" this time without the bells. Heavy deep string made with Nexus
I separated it so just filter out frequencies you don't need
Description : Trap Lead. Show me what you made with it!
Description : comment your link if used, id love to hear your beats.
Description : One of the founding fathers of heavy Dubstep!
Description : Reverb heavy
Description : Heavy leading hit. Made with nexus with no effects
Leave a link to your creation when used
Description : A heavy synth studder run
Description : heavy harp melody made on FLS

show me the beats uve made with
Description : Drum loop programmed in Ableton, could be great for any kind of fast music that uses heavy groove and rhythm.
Shoot me a link if you create something with it!

(P.S. I've been using samples from Looperman for over a year, but this is the first loop I've uploaded!)
Description : heavy japanese trap loop, made on fl studio

show me ya beats
Description : Heavy 808 Trap Drumloop. Show me what you made with it!
Description : Heavy Dark Boom Bap Drums
Description : Made With 808 Sauce from Kontakt Added slight distortion for more sauce. BBQ
Description : MAde On Fl Studio enjoy, feel free to use my samples and please leave links to your tracks so i can hear what u did, please give a shoutout to me since i took the time making these for you, :)
Description : some fast action oldschool drums
Loops 1 - 25 of 850
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