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Description : Playboi Carti's 808s, hats, and claps from Magnolia

Description : This Drum Loop is inspired by Lil Uzi Vert - xo tour lif3
TM88 (producer of the Track) uses similar 808 Pattern a lot and i think this is fire.
I used the Spinz 808, some Hats and a basic Clap.
I hope it helps you and comment what you think and suggestions below :)

Description : fast, got some low notes at the end of each 2 bar

Description : this goes with my previous loop that I uploaded
Feel Free to Use This
Plz Link Your track If Used

Description : loose kick,snare, hats and snaps

Description : punchy kick, reverbed snare, hats

Description : 808. kick snare and hats.

Description : There are kicks [twice multiple kicks at the end of the bar for a nice effect and 1 at the end of the sequence to feel that continousness when next drum sequence is starting], Snares and hi hats [not very loud, for me very decent and acceptable] I already made it a bit wet so you dont need to bother. Sounds nice with 808s. At the beggining of 4th and 8th bar ive put a nice sound which i wanted to use as a hat. Show me what you have made with it!

Description : nice drums with open hats and diffrent waves of 808

Description : Drum loop created with FL Studio

Description : Drum loop created with FL Studio

Description : just some summer vibe-ish moombathon drums with percs and hats.


enjoy :D

Description : hard hitting simple drums
no open hats, so feel free to add them if you want.
drop links if u use it

Description : A lot of people love this snare so I decided to make a loop of it with some of my hats. Link me to work, please.

Description : To be combined with my previous loop. Four bars, 90 bpm, eighties sounding drums. Kick, hats, snare and nicnacs.

Description : Slow drumloop, 90 bpm and 4 bars. Kick, snare, hats and some nicnacs. Useful for pop. Please let me hear the result if used. Thanks!

Description : A call to every artist that wants to create something big. I made these loops to help your creativity and push your artistry further. This isn't something to just download and layer. This is something to make your own...

Description : Drums with Layered Snare, Distorted 808, Simple Hit Hats, and various vox. Sounds like 6ix/Logic

Description : open hats claps kicks shakers

Description : snap kick hi hats perc

Description : these are from an old project, enjoy using it. if you put 2x2 hi-hats on them it'll add some bounce.

Description : composition of 808,hard kick ,trap snare and hats

Description : this are drums/kicks and hi hats for chillstep free to use :) i have EQ them and compres them

Description : enjoy

Description : this is the "normal" version of this loop. I have done one with extra "hard" 808. No, for real, the other version is so open of 808 with really hard bass. i upload this too because is more usable than the other. as usual, let me know if You like what you hear.

Loops 1 - 25 of 1019
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