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Description : Drums off of a beat i just made. Put this over some hype melody and you got a banger.
Basic 808s, hard kick, open hi hats, and three different hi-hat sounds. There's a snare stutter at the end of the eigth bar.

Description : Just a hi hats

Description : so i made this beat in fl studio
i hope u gys find some use 4 it
share ur tracks if u end up using it

Description : LOL maybe some thicc 808's and slap on some crispy hi-hats. I am interested in what you guys can do with this loop! If you guys just want the Flute loop just lmk. I will re upload if requested.

Description : For hip hop or trap! Hope you can use c:

- Bella Boyd

Description : try it out!

Description : trap loop with 808,clap,snare,hats and kick

Description : aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Description : just some very energetic dubstep drums with rides, hats, percussion etc.
will fit great to a heavy dubstep drop

Description : Hihats and Closed hats

Description : kick with camel crusher and some eq
808 with camel crusher as well,stereo enhancer,limiter and eq,side chained,sub cut at 9000hz and boosted mids around 2 db
+ 2 snared,hi hats and open hats
link what you got :)

Description : Been years since I've uploaded so i'll try to upload when i get a chance. Heres something to put in the stash or play around with.

Description : free to use.

Description : Trap Drum Loop with unique Hi Hats, Percussion and fast 808.

Comment your beat!

Description : Trap Drum Loop with unique Hi Hats and percussion.
Comment what you did with it!

Description : Drums for the 'Clarity' series. Hi-hat roll at the end. Spinz 808, basic pattern that follows the kick. Clap too, nothing fancy in these drums. You can add vox and open hats over it if you find it necessary.

Description : its only the 808 so feel free to add any top drums, percussions, hats etc. on it

808 is in D

enjoy :D

Description : this massive loop comprises of bass massacre, hard kick, hats, and alocal conga.

Description : Lofi/BB Drums with septuplet swing on the high hats mane. i wanna see ur work boy i know u hit that there download button son.

Description : 808s , drums, hi hats , kicks, snare rolls


Description : percs like tm hats slippery asf. click the eye for all my links hmu 4 bizness

Description : More Dark Drums. 808 Bounces in pitch at the end. Simple hi-hats, put the classic taliban perc in the normal trap spots (thirds)

Description : If You used this loop leave me a link. Must have with reverb

Description : Hard Kick, a couple basic 808 slides in there. Added a bit of reverb to the hi-hats to make them more stereo. If you EQ the low end outta your melody it should make the kick and 808 hit even harder. Be sure to link your stuff in the comments i wanna hear your masterpieces.

Description : Kick snare hi hats bass drum.

Loops 1 - 25 of 983
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