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Description : Some weird Hi-hat drums. Made in Fl Studio 12.
Description : 132 bpm, two bar loop, with a lucid hi hat
Description : Trap Drum with Hook high hat and military snare.
Description : Just high hat for Thunder Pop Drum 1.
Description : just messing around and made something dope.
Description : hey! hope you enjoy it (snare, clap, hat, percussions)
Description : open hat at the end
Description : 606 roll hat
Description : Trap Beat Hi-Hat
Description : Simple Hip Hop Drums. 808 Kick melody, Snare, Clap, C-Hat. Key C. 150 BPM. Find me on SoundCloud.
Description : I used some Trap drum hits to make this drum. Closed Hat 4/4, Kick 2/4 and some Claps
Description : Was asked to upload them individually, so here you go.
Description : uh huh......
Description : The one shots which went into this loop were created a while back, for my buddy Stohgs. Some sort of DIY analog synthesizer was used for it, though I'm not sure what exactly. Composed along with the other "Thinking of You" loops, which are at 140 BPM, and are 3 bars long.
Description : Here are some black metal doom drums. Slow snare and hi-hat, but with some heavy double bass action. For a melancholic effect.
Description : My first machine gun hi hat roll(or whatever) that I used for one of my beats.
Description : Hi Hat from the track "Finesse" by TLDR
Description : Hi hat from the track "Maserati" by TLDR
Description : hey here is a new drump loop ! hope you enjoy it (percussions, shakers, bongo, hat)
Description : dark piano beat ==== a kick a snare and a hat
Description : hey here is a new tropical/deep house drum loop. hope you enjoy it ! (clap, tambourine, hat, percussions)
Description : simple fl loop
Description : Snare free breakdown over a rock drum kick and high-hat pattern with a build up in bar 4.
Description : Open High-hat basic rock beat, played on an acoustic drum kit with kick drum sample replacement. High Hats on 1/4, Snare on 2 and 4 with ghosts. Slightly syncopated kick drum.
Description : hey, this is a new drum loop i created with percussions, hat, clap and high percussion. enjoy
Loops 1 - 25 of 418
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