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Description : Dark feel to it, I was gonna use it on a track but I scraped it.
Used Hardcore, Reverb, Delay, and Stereo Shaper

Description : Here it is a Simple Hardpsy Bass

Description : made in fl-studio

Description : made in fl studio

Description : Hardcore kick with a clear sound of kick,a little high pitched and a little distortion of background.

Description : Hardcore kick.

Description : Just a simple kick maded by me.I can't give any details about how was maded.If you want to use just cut a sample.

Description : Hardcore Kick with some distortion,a lot of EQ-ing,i used Izotope Trash 2 and other plugins.I hope to like you.If you want to use,i reccomend to use to higher tempo.

Description : I made this with Acoustic Guitar in DirectWave and with some Hardcore, Vynil and EQ plug-in.
Enjoy and share to me your works!

Description : 210 BPM
Fl Studio

Description : Plugins used: Hardcore, Acon Multiply

Send me your beats with this loop

Description : oofmaster9000, leave a link ;)

Description : cover your ears

Description : A very decent Hardcore Kick maded from a 909 Instruments pack,full mixed and re-masterized.I hope you like,can be used also in Hardstyle and Hardcore.
Tip:Use(C4/C5) scales or higher for more decent results.I leaved the loop simple.

Description : Was trying to come up with something that sounds like ICYTWAT on my guitar? Chords are Dmaj9, Dbmin9, Cmaj9, Bmaj9. I used Acid Rock XS preset for the Hardcore VST effects in FL. Hope usable.

Description : A creepy melody for hard beats (Screamo / Trap Metal). Leave your work in the comments.

Description : Drum loop from a old track on my soundcloud called destruction by flexxgod. flip it however you want

Description : For this rnb style guitar loop I used the Underwater Hardcore preset and added some variations with hammer-ons and pull-offs in the second half. The chords are Em7, Bm7, Am7.

Description : Made with FL Studio Hardcore plugin. I used the chill out preset. The chord is Gmaj7.

Description : Post rock sounding guitar loop in E minor. I used FL Hardcore with guitar pads as the preset for effects.

Description : I used FL stock effect Hardcore with the Worn Tape preset.

Description : Hope you enjoy. Pls let me know, if you have made smth out of it :)

Description : Played on Squire Strat into FL w/ Hardcore Plugin


Description : Played on Squire Strat into FL w/ Hardcore Plugin


Description : Played on Squire Strat into FL w/ Hardcore Plugin


Loops 1 - 25 of 721
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