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Description : Show me a more Hardcore piano than this one lol!

Show me what you make of this

DM for samples, beats, collab etc

Eb HARMONIC minor scale

Description : Complete hardcore kick.

Description : More things added

Description : A little bit processed

Description : Standard hardcore kick

Description : If you want to use just cut a sample(the kick is whole) or use cut itself.
Can be used to any tempo.

Description : Default Tempo:130 BPM or higher.
For more fluence decrease the multiplicator knob untill sound ok for you and also increase tempo.Also can use with pitch knob.
Recommended to use in E3 Mono.
Other settings: Reverse Polarity & Normalize

Description : Extremely processed hardcore kick with high amounts of distortion.
Enable Cut Itself
Tempo:160 or over

Description : No description
Default tempo:160BPM or over
Use cut itself if is need.

Description : Hardcore kick made from zero with a clean sound.
Default tempo:160 BPM

Description : from an failed Happy Hardcore track
made with 30 instances of serum

Description : Default tempo: 130 BPM.

Description : Default tempo:130 BPM.
Made from a 909 drums pack.

Description : Default Tempo:166 BPM or over 166.
Pitch can be set around -80 cents or normal.
Multiplicator(Time stretch): 100%(Standard) - Max:130 or 200% If you use kick over 130% then use together with pitch knob
You can adjust Boost and option "Swap Stereo" for much more clear sound.
Kick was made from zero by me.

Description : Just a simple kick maded by me
195 BPM default.

Description : Settings:
Stereo Delay: 28% right

Description : Use over 160/170 BPM(195 BPM:Default)

Description : really tired and came up with this

drake pad with Hardcore effect in FL

edit of one of my drake pads

Description : Hardcore Kick with sound effects pre-added.
Complex Kick.
Other Settings for Fl studio 20 for this:
Boost Clip: 18% - 25%
Ring Modulation: 33%
Ring Modulation Frequency: 38%
Filter Resonance: 15%
Pogo Effect: from -100% to 15%

Description : Custom Hardcore Kick Drum with high amounts of distorted bass.
Default tempo:150 BPM(or higher)
To adjust any settings in Fl Studio 20,set EQ(-50% or -100%) and set Boost around 30%

Description : hope usable...

show me your work!!

distorted with hardcore and eq

Description : fatty 808 doggggg. show me what u do with it.

Description : If you want to modify much more just add Izotope Trash 2,and also add "Boost around 30 50%"

Description : a sub bass instead of an 808 for these drums. show me what u do with it

Description : some drums with some real nice hi hats. show me what u make

Loops 1 - 25 of 370
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