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Description : I was furious because I didn't have shoes and I met someone who didn't have feet. I thought I was happy with my fate.
fa - sol - la - sib - do - ré - mi
F - G - A - A# - C - D - E

Description : Wake up happy....not sad. It's summer now. Get out and have fun.

Description : BGR HAPPY STRING

Description : re uploading everything bc they took down my loops

Description : Share your work if you use the Loop :D

Description : Made from scratch in stock FL 11 plugins

Description : A HAPPY loop

Good for POP type beats

If you found this loop useful, go ahead and write a comment/ share your beat.

Or you can send it to our email. (You can find it on our profile)

Have a productive beatmaking day!

Description : more happy vibes this time.

comment what you made

Description : This is in G Harmonic Minor. I feel like this would sound super dope with some gross beat effects on it, so I'll leave you to try those out. Make sure you link anything you create, I happy to like and comment on anything you share on SoundCloud!

Description : Chords
Link what you make!

Description : She Said. Chinese Type Instrument Lo-Fi

Leave a Link!

Description : Post your beats in the comments.
Could be used for Playboi Carti / Pierre Bourne type beats.

Description : pretty neat chords. comment if you use it.

BASE CHORDS: Gm (G,Bb,D), Cm (C,Eb,G), Bb, (Bb,D,F), Adim (A,C,Eb).

If you use my loops, please post a link so I can see your good work! :)

Description : happy shit lol

Description : lmk what you make

Description : Hope this is useful

Description : 6/8 double time because fuck whats normal

make this work and ill be happy

Description : its alright. comment links if you used it

Description : uptempo happy style loop, I feel like I can hear uzi or skies on this one.

Description : Feel the NOSTALGIA with this HAPPY & PEACEFUL melody.

Contact me for custom loops/beats.

Send a link to your work!


Description : some happy but badass flute vibes

comment your beats>


Description : Mixed EDM sound with pop.
A deep thick sub bass in wide stereo sound.
Bass notes: C-Am-F-G

Description : if you use this, id love to hear it, drop a link with what you make

happy sampling!

Description : Some Synth Lead with a Marimba in the second part... happy vibes

Loops 1 - 25 of 901
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