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Description : i hope you like it

Description : A min

Happy beatmaking

Description : Submit your tracks in the comment section, I'll like to listen what you guys have done :)))

Description : Submit your tracks in the comment section, I'll like to listen what you guys have done :)))

Description : Made using LogicProX and Baervag synthesizer with chromaverb. Chords alternate between E minor 7 and D minor 7 but they sound as though they come from a major tonality.

Leave a link below if you use it!

Description : Would be happy to listen what you did with that.

Description : really simple lofi hiphop drum track. Made in fl 12. could be sad or happy ):(

Description : post yall projects in the comment :)

Description : I thought this one was a mix of happy and sad sounds, so I'm calling it bittersweet. Have no use for it; enjoy!

Description : Happy melodic loop made in Logic Pro X. Leave a comment if you use the loop and contact me if you are interested in custom loops.

Description : go hard with this one :D

Description : Another upbeat, happy piano. Couldn't figure out what to do with this one either. Enjoy!

Description : A more happy, upbeat style of melody. Scrapped from my debut project, can't find a way to use it so here you go!

Description : Mental State Happy Synth BPM 124 KEY C

Description : Munch out fat yall.

Description : Yeah, it's a good vibe sound, mixed with a pizzicato type pad, it sounded really good...

Description : Comment if you want the MIDI file.

Description : Something i made up just messing around link anything u make with it thank u happy holidays. D# Minor

Description : Chords Fm - Fm - C# - C#
Key: F minor

Try to use extended chords
to loop more smoothly split and loop second part

share yours ideas over it :)

Description : Simple loop made with nexus and Massive

Description : 1stof mmany

Description : happy lofi bells

Description : A happy loop made with ElectraX VST, in FL Studio 20
Leave a link of what you made :) HMU Lets collab, any artist, producer. info in profile. Bass notes are F & C

Description : Happy

Description : Happy Sounding bells 91 bpm - show me what you have made :)

Loops 1 - 25 of 683
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