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Description : Percussive loop - Glockenspiel about solitude to a souls release from his mission to burn all. 85 bpm,Dm. Happy story tells Peace!
Description : 8 seamless bars of a medium Black Gospel-style groove, played on piano with lots of moody reverb. Implied Harmonies: A----Bm7/A
Description : Synth piece from my project Destiny at 110 Dm. Mix n Match as youd like. Happy mixing, Peace.
Description : Chill/Hip-Hop type beats. Harp loop 120 bpm Am. Thankful Mornings, another day another chance to try again. Happy mixing, Please link me to where I can hear what you did with this loop if you used it in any way. Thank you, Peace.
Description : pt 3, Trip Hop or Trap type beats. Also used these in some electronic soundtracks. Could imagine some industrial with this particular one from the set. Happy mixing! Peace!
Description : Special Two piano loop at 92 bpm D Major. Counter piece to Special One piano loop. Try them together, sounds interesting. These loops can be used for multiple genres. Happy mixing! Peace yall.
Description : FL Studio. 80 bpm,Em. Strings Loop Orchestra Within Time. Moment of Reflections. Let the power resonate throughout your place of dwelling. Happy mixing, Peace.
Description : FL Studio. 80 bpm,Dm. Synth Loop - Cat and Mouse. The Chase Is On... Happy mixing, mix as youd like. Peace.
Description : Groove and percussions played and recorded from my electronic drum kit.
Description : FL Studio. 90 bpm,Dm. Candle Light Bell Loop is a retro future music box loop, piece to one of my older projects. Hope you can dig it, Peace. Genre is open to your liking, I've had some people use it for Rock, Rap/Hip-Hop, EDM, Experimental and it works. Try it out, happy mixing.
Description : FL Studio 90 bpm,Dm. Brass Section, Behemoth Airship Arrival. Happy Epic Mixing!
Description : FL Studio. 90 bpm,Dm. Pad Loop based off the Behemoth Airship from Battlefield 1. Happy Epic Mixing! Peace!
Description : Works well with the 'Happy Harp' loop but then feel free to funk it up. Enjoy!
Description : You should download the bass part well with this loop. Yeah, the harp sounds artificial....:p
Description : Guitar loop I made in FL Studio. Send soundcloud link so I can hear you guys :D
Description : FL Studio. 82 bpm,Dm. Drum Loop to some game play. N64 days. Happy mixing! Get crazy with it haha. Peace.
Description : FL Studio. 104bpm,Dm. Piano Loop - Early Hours pt 2. The 2nd loop from my 1st Early Hours upload. Happy Friday. Cheers!
Description : 2 of 2. I hear Thugger on this. Link your creation in the comments if you use this. Happy beat making !
Description : 1 of 2. I hear Thugger on this. Link your creation in the comments if you use this. Happy beat making !
Description : FL Studio. 140bpm,D. Bass Synth Loop - Trapped Inside. Tryna find a way through this bis, finding a lot of trouble but smiles here n there make it worth it. Happy mixing, Peace.
Description : FL Studio. 80 bpm,D. SFX Loop - Battle Stations. Ambient sfx to hype a piece in your mix or use as an intro! Its all good. Happy mixing! Peace.
Description : FL Studio. 80 bpm,G. Pad Loop - Transfer Room at the station. Mix n Match as youd like, happy mixing.
Description : FL Studio. 88 bpm,D. Piano Loop - Sunshine Freestyle run on the keys, happy mixing! Peace.
Description : FL Studio. 80 bpm,F Pad Loop - Old World As time passes I see these sorry saps of useless space being lost in the process. Empty is still something that exists. Mix n match! Happy mixin. Peace.
Description : FL Studio. 140 bpm,F. Synth Loop - CBD Extract. Sounds like Krypton ballroom with a sky roof glowing the universe in all its illusive colors. Mix n Match happy mixing! Lets hear it!!
Loops 1 - 25 of 451
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