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Description : rudimentary funk
Description : Rudimentary - flat - laid back
Made with Battery 3 and Groove Agent
Description : More HP stuff to come. Show me what you use this in!
B Major
Description : Smooth Cool slow-mo relax mood... jazzy type groove huuuuh
Description : Slap This on top of the Packed House Groove.....
Description : For Starters
Description : best for Trip Hop, Hip Hop, Raps
Description : Me playing a 60's style Soul piano riff in a shuffle groove.
Description : Another BB beat
Description : Perfect for Hip Hop beats. If you use it in a song, I'd love to hear it.
Description : 8 seamless bars of a funky Hammond organ groove, beggin' for a cool beat beneath it and rap on top of it. Go!

Key: E Blues
Description : Afro DanceHall my Way .... Stay open-minded versatile overall
Description : Quake Groove
Description : Created with my Casio in FL Studio.

Odd tempo groove type of idea. Something different for sure.
Description : Here's a drum groove at 95 bpm for you to work with.
I made with garageband. I played it myself then used the 8th note quantisation to correct what I played in case I played anything that was off beat
Description : Here's my first loop.
Please link below or tell me what you did with it. It's interesting to hear what you all came up with. Most importantly
Hope you enjoy remixing
Description : groove drums for house/deep-house/br bass/techno and anything else
kick is already compressed, besides that the loop is dry so is free for your use.
Description : This is basically an oldskool boom-bap groove but with modern dubstep drum sounds.
Description : exactly the same sound as the swinging bass groove, but I found out that it sounds pretty dope to play it in one of the highest octaves possible. enjoy!
Description : a very wide sounding groovy bass line of some sort
Description : dubstep drums with ragga groove
Description : Fits perfectly with Drama 01 + Groove as fuck 01. Have fun and show me what u made of! :)
Description : Fits perfectly with Drama 02 + Groove as fuck 01. Have fun and show me what u made of! :)
Description : Fits perfectly with Drama 01 + 02. Have fun and show me what u made of! :)
Description : Groovy drumloop. Please show me your work and give credits.
Loops 1 - 25 of 1964
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