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Description : Hope usable

Description : spacey vibe with some glitch effects on it

link your work so I can listen & click icon for more

Description : Please leave me a link to your project if you use this loop, I would love to check it out.

Description : Glitch arp 100bpm

Description : A Weird Thing I Created.

Description : Washed Keys with spherical vibes and some glitch/pad effects in the second loop.
Show me what you can whip up with it on my IG or in the comments

Description : glitchy and broken melody for a super weird track

Description : Hope usable

Description : It's crazy glitch

Description : COLLECT ALL SIX! Because I will be taking a break for a bit. These loops can be use in almost any genre with some creative thinking and abilities. All 6 are in E Major.

Description : Just learning sample slicing with Simpler in Ableton...

Description : Sorry for messing up the bpm yesterday this was the original thing I came up with enjoy.

Description : first loop upload, hope I didn't mess it up

used Harmless sound engine with a speed up gate and phaser.

share your work if used, thx

Description : Glitch Mode engaged

Description : These baskmasked pipe glitch dreams.

Description : Crushed my glitch.

Description : Stretchin my glitch yo.

Description : Glitch with extra harmonies.

Link your song below in the comments if you'd like!

Description : This goes with "Glitchy Saw Bass"

Link your song below in the comments if you'd like!

Description : I was going for a creepy synth vibe, like what you hear on Stranger Things.
The key of this loop is actually C# Minor.

Description : just a glitch hop melody that i made with a 3XOscilator and a little bit of reverb. Its at 132BPM for a little extra *bounce* to it.

c-key in major scale

enjoy :D

Description : contact me for custom loops, vocals and more

A unique glitch kit to use for your project. Enjoy!

Description : Use it for free.

Description : Very glitchy

Description : a synth with fracture messing it up

glitch machine makes wicked shit

Loops 1 - 25 of 624
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