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Description : hello me bros use this thing good and nice :-> oh ya
Description : 90bpm, Glitch Hop drum loops.
Description : The Glitch Mob Drums and this Drum Fill is from my new Project. leave a comment if u use this loop
Description : Drums like The Glitch Mob ~ Drink The Sea ~ pls leave a link if u use this loops
Description : 110bpm Massive w/sub
Description : Funky Vintage Drums...Pls comment if u use this Loop or just give some Feedback
Description : w/chants.
Description : Another glitchy loop I think this would sound nice on a rap beat
Description : Attack Loop By YogeshST.
Description : -Serum -Massive
Description : FL Studio. 80 bpm,F. Bell Loop - Heart You Mix n Match as youd like. Real fun loop to glitch chop n skrew tapes as well as traditional pieces. Happy mixing! For when you heart someone and words fail to express.
Description : 4 glitch hop tracks.
Description : ......
Description : 110bpm.
Description : Kicks/Snares, crashs and chants.
Description : created in studio One...
Description : so crazy....say if u use it
Description : Me playing a very familiar tune. Added some glitch effects for the sake o this website
Description : Zombies Loop By YogeshST:)
Description : Vocal Synth-Modern Life 4 By Yogesh ST.
Description : Im to lazy to upload smth but this is very easy soo...some Swingy Funky Electro glitch hop thinks I probaly didnt know what it is...anyway say me what u think about this loop and say if u use it
Description : Here is a scary sound loop I created using some effects and my voice. I think this will work best in cinematic. But, who knows maybe you can find it useful in other genres. Enjoy. If you make something with it, feel free to leave a link below so I can take a listen. Thanks!
Description : very simple and short say if u use it and write some comment ;)
Description : In case you wanted a glitchy sound effect for your track. Credit isn't required but would be appreciated, and please send me a link to anything you use it in!
Description : Send a link if you use it :)
Loops 1 - 25 of 966
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