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Description : a little bit gangsta

Description : C C# C C# C D# E D#

Description : Chants for after the drop to make some gangsta beats.

Description : Gangsta drum 1
13 years old , loop for rap , trap and hip hop made with fl studio

Description : A very nice and catchy Hip Hop electric guitar synth loop created in FL Studio with BlueII Synthesizer developed by RobPapen. Suitbale for Gangsta Rap, West Coast and more.

Description : wanna be gangstas banging on drums

Description : bass n wanna be gangsta's

Description : "sounds like a chiptune, 8bit and gangsta.
y'know those nigs wearin hello kitty shirts & playin' with guns"

Description : That Gangsta Type Ish. .

Description : co0ol hi hats ... by MP

Description : Some WC inspired synth in F minor

Description : My second loop is a Sitar Melodie.

Description : new loop

Description : together (or not) with Gangsta whistler...

Description : melody for hip hop, rap...together (or not) with Gangsta groovy...:-)

Description : gangsta drum loop

Description : Vocal loop

Description : Influenced by that gang from South Central L.A. (Compton, CA). Slowing things down to 74 BPMs for the West Coast.

Description : Another one of my hiphop drum loops made in FL Studio 9. I think that this one is more of a oldschool type. Inspired by Nas' "Nas Is Coming". The drumloop is ofcourse set to be 93 BPM - the original gangsta-tempo. Please leave me a message if you use this in a project.

Description : Let's take a trip to the West Side!

Description : Let's take a trip to the West Side!

Description : idk about this 1. Tell me what you think.
A lot of bass by the way

Description : Make any gangsta feel you with this one

Description : choir & violins.

Description :

Loops 76 - 100 of 149
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