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Description : This is a future bass style sound that I created using two wave forms in Serum. It's more of an upbeat loop and a groovy feeling that I get from it. If you do use it, comment down below to a link of your work using it! I'd love to hear what you've done with it!

Description : Metallic-y strings

Description : Working on my bass design skills

Description : Tried FM-ing an arp sound

Description : High passs

Description : Trying to make something in my own 'style' at the minute. These are the main chords from said project.

Description : Pop seems quite fun to make, since it shares some features of future bass.

Description : I definitely overuse Serum's Reese wavetable...

Description : X sounded cooler than 10. Yep, that's all there is to it.

Description : Quite simple, but also (hopefully) still usable.

Description : Stacks in Logic are convenient.

Description : Yeah, I have no clue how to make leads

Description : These future bass chord loops are really racking up in numbers. I only recently learned how to even count this high. Scary stuff...

Description : wubbb

Description : Barely a Reese at this point but shup up

Description : Thank the Serum gods, this loop consists of saw stacks, a distorted saw bass with noise low-passed, a background square lead, and finally, a background saw wave arp. Suitable for Dubstep, EDM, Future Bass, or any other electronic genre. ENJOY!

EDIT: sorry this is in G not F, lol

Description : Mixed for placement in background areas.

Description : Organ(ish) sound.

Description : Minimalistic version of 'Future Bass Keys Loop 3'.

Description : Sine time

Description : More old-style future bass in that the sub has no sustain, making it sound like an elongated sub kick.

Description : Who needs unison when you've got... uh... SERUM REVERB FILTER HAHA

Description : Made on macOS FL Studio 20. OooOOOHH faAAAaancy.

Description : Chill vibeee

Description : Very basic due to my inability to slice vocals.

Loops 1 - 25 of 351
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