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Description : Made with a cool plugin

Description : Funny sex avatar for you make a beat!

Description : funny story, my sister had a disney guitar toy and i recorded the sound from my phone and made this on fl studio, boredom.....

Description : Funny loop made with Omnisphere "Radiotone Melodies" on fl studio
show me your creations :)

Description : Funny piano melody

Description : funny loop

Description : Made this funny jolly melody, i used an old saloon preset and mixed it to sound old and it just fit so well. Link me what you use it for.

Description : CHORDS: EbMaj7, GMajadd9
Inspired by Funny How Time Flies by Janet Jackson, great for RnB, smooth jazz, chill out or downtempo. only fx added were reverb, eq, and tape saturation.

Description : just read the title with the bells and its funny... LET ME KNOW IF YOU USE THIS LOOP! I love hearing the music y'all make out of these loops.

Description : Use it for funny stuffXD

Description : Use it for funny thingsXD

Description : Use it for funny stuffXD

Description : Found this weird sound on my grandfathers recordings and decided to make it fit to a kinda trapbeat, use it for whatever you wantXD (Got to upload it again cause of soundproblems;(

Description : out of bounds

Description : hahahaha this is fun

Description : excision I think

Description : kinda neuro

Description : funny :D

Description : It supposed to be sad, but suddenly I remember that funny videos when people use a "sad piano" effect and then it turns funny. So, you can use it in both cases.
Made in Ohm Studio, pianissimo vst plugin.
I would like to listen your track using this loop - contact me.
Comments are welcome

Description : Two bar percussion loop "with a surprise". I was recording myself playing the djembe, while my wife was on the phone, having a funny conversation with a friend. You can hear her giggle and say "ja" in the background. I left it in :)

Description : If u use this drop a link so I can check it. Also its called "Baka" cuz I'm using this beat for an Oreimo OST chill hop track. and just know if u found that funny... I love and cherish u.

Description : The entire beat is made up of recorded "everyday" sounds, eg. tapping of a pencil on a wooden desk, chest punching, accidentally moving the mic stand, intercom system going off etc.. In addition, I recorded and manipulated my voice and breath sounds. The melody was played using Cubase' Halion synth. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Description : Real played and recorded from Roland TD-25 drum kit. Funny break at the end.

Description : This is my Second Future Bass Drum. Im not really into the Genre but I think that this is some Typical Future Bass Drums with this funny Blop and without hihat so that you can at your own. please leave some feedback and a Link in the comments if you use this Loop.

Description : Mix of two real played grooves. If you don't want the funny break, you can use only the first two bars. Played and recorded from Roland TD-25 drum kit.

Loops 1 - 25 of 93
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