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Description : Description : Okay, so I am settling back down to Mr. Funktastic mode once again. Gotta have that Funk!!! It's all good in the neighborhood for everythang!

Description : A funky Fender-Rhodes piano riff in the 70's Soul style.

Harmonies: Gm7.....Am7......Dm7......Gm7......C7.....D7

Description : I played this live with my Strat J Bass through my IRig. Mixed in Fl.

Description : Just Funking around a bit!

Description : Made By Rockin' Todd Russell. Studio Loops & Sequences. Unused by Artist. Royalty free. Use as you wish and i hope you enjoy. Feel Free To Leave any links in the comments. I will gladly check them out..

Description : Dropping something Funky 4/4. I just need to walk away from doing this for a while. I keep saying that, but then I come back! :-)

Description : Yamaha RGX421Pro
Wilkinson pickups
Eminence 2x12 Governor
Beyerdynamic tg I50D

Description : A bass guitar lays down a steady, fat-sounding, slow funk ostinato, with a syncopated turnaround at the end.

Description : A drumkit and tambourine player lay down a funky, medium-tempo groove with lots of 16th-note Swing added.

Description : A Hammond B3 organ, rich with oldschool tube distortion, plays some trippy, funky chords.

Harmonies: Eb----Ab6/Eb-----Fm/Eb----Eb

Description : Sounds like something Denzel Curry might've used on one of the songs from TA13OO

Description : want more Funky Drums Loop? Check My Bio! Free sample packs on my blog!

Description : Just recorded this guitar sample hope its usable! Would love to hear what you do with it :)

Guitar E Guitar Fender

Description : Funky little riff that I recorded following my first loop.
It's in the key of C minor/ D# major.

Let me know what you think, and all feedback is always welcome!

Description : Funky Piano By Nasty B

DM me on Instagram for midis/collabs/custom loops/beats.
(Link in my Bio)

Check my bio for my free loop kit/sample pack

Description : A funky, bouncy riff played on the Fender-Rhodes piano, given LOTS of 16th-note swing.

Harmonies: Gmaj7---Dmaj7----C#m7---F#

Description : snare hi-hat and kick funk
sonor acoustic drums

Description : Enjoy guys..

Description : funky rhythm 4/4
sonor acoustic drums

Description : Funk Rhythm 4/4
Sonor acoustic drums

Description : See Title

Description : Hope this is usable.

Description : A funky little bass line in C at 97BPM.
Share what you make!

Description : Hope usable

Description : Made By Rockin' Todd Russell. Studio Loops & Sequences. Unused by Artist. Royalty free. Use as you wish and i hope you enjoy.

Loops 1 - 25 of 954
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