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Description : snare hi-hat and kick funk
sonor acoustic drums

Description : Funk Rhythm 4/4
Sonor acoustic drums

Description : genere is funk rock fusion but works with every thing creative playing this with my fingers

Description : real genre is funk rock fusion but works with the hiphop playing this on my bass guitar

Description : A slow tempo riff on the Fender Rhodes piano, with a gentle Funk implication.

Harmonies: Amaj7----Dmaj7

Description : Medium-tempo, laid-back R&B/Soul drumgroove, with a gentle 16th-note Funk feel, similar to the one heard on the 1974 recording "I Just Don't Want To Be Lonely" by The Main Ingredient.

Description : captain cronch

Description : dis a vibe srry it's so short im garb @ guitar

the loop after dis is the same thing but with a lil cronch

Description : BPM: 134
Root Note: A

Original Sound: "Synthetic Funk Juice" in Omnisphere 2, halftimed.

Drop your work in the comments

Description : Guitor Funk Alternative

Description : Rhode funk

Description : Sounds of the Funky Drummer! By Mr. Funktastic

Description : A slow funky rhythm played on Fender-Rhodes piano.

Description : 4 bars of a highly-swung funky groove. Dig!

Description : If James Brown only got a little bit more grungy it would sound like this! This is a previously unreleased Gem from my USB vault. Thanks!

Description : house funk cool

Description : Please leave me a link to your project if you use this loop, I would love to check it out.

Description : some kicks for those who love house music

Description : Funk brazil drum siren edited!

Description : Melodia funk brazil 2 of 2!

Description : Melodia funk brazil 1 of 2!

Description : Tarraxo vs funk!

Description : An update to an earlier electro-funk synth of mine.

Description : hip hop rnb funk

Description : GET YOUR TWANG ON! That's right, who would have thought the Funk Man would go country and bluegrass.

Loops 1 - 25 of 852
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