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Description : A 1970's-flavored funk bassline in the Disco-Jazz style.

Description : check out some cool sounds to make some brazilian funk

Description : Re-Up-ed for @iankofficial

Description : Description : Okay, so I am settling back down to Mr. Funktastic mode once again. Gotta have that Funk!!! It's all good in the neighborhood for everythang!

Description : Here's a simple disco funk bass line recorded DI on an LTD J-205. I put a little EQ and compression on it. Nothing to fancy.

Description : Reaching out to my DnB peeps!

Description : No one brings you 1970s Funk keys like Number 1 Soul Brother Mr. Funktastic does. Think outside box and use this one anywhere, any song, or any genre!

Description : It favors ROCK more than it favors FUNK. You Decide! You might hear something totally different all together.

Description : Just Funking around a bit!

Description : Just Funking around a bit!

Description : Just Funking around a bit!

Description : Just Funking around a bit!

Description : another hit with fl studio

Description : Drum and Bass - Possible Return for JF? Not sure yet.....Stay tuned.

Description : A bass guitar lays down a steady, fat-sounding, slow funk ostinato, with a syncopated turnaround at the end.

Description : A Hammond B3 organ, rich with oldschool tube distortion, plays some trippy, funky chords.

Harmonies: Eb----Ab6/Eb-----Fm/Eb----Eb

Description : Genre-bending loop!

Description : snare hi-hat and kick funk
sonor acoustic drums

Description : Funk Rhythm 4/4
Sonor acoustic drums

Description : genere is funk rock fusion but works with every thing creative playing this with my fingers

Description : real genre is funk rock fusion but works with the hiphop playing this on my bass guitar

Description : A slow tempo riff on the Fender Rhodes piano, with a gentle Funk implication.

Harmonies: Amaj7----Dmaj7

Description : Medium-tempo, laid-back R&B/Soul drumgroove, with a gentle 16th-note Funk feel, similar to the one heard on the 1974 recording "I Just Don't Want To Be Lonely" by The Main Ingredient.

Description : captain cronch

Description : dis a vibe srry it's so short im garb @ guitar

the loop after dis is the same thing but with a lil cronch

Loops 1 - 25 of 868
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