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Description : Melody doesnt sound that hard but it slaps with drums.

The Guitar has a bass filter and some effects on it and the flute has an EQ for the highs too.

Description : Bell, Key, Guitar and Flute


Description : Link your beats in the comments. Another ambient flute melody.

Description : Made with Purity

Description : Flute made with Nexus

Drop your Beats, best gets a shoutout on my IG

Description : Link your beats in the comments. First loop in a while, a chill flute melody.

Description : made with omni

Description : I will be releasing a free loop pack later today(with midis).Been working on it for a minute,bought a dope artwork and everythang.its gonna be availiable on youtube for free.This for all of you that keep emailing me ,i aprpreciate yall! 100

Description : if you want the midi click the link in my bio

Description : Comment ur works, i know issa banger, so i decided to drop this shit from my unique pack)

Description : We hope you can find this useful! Please enjoy & feel free to contact us with any questions!

Description : new type for me, hope you like

Description : noice :) if you make something with this loop just comment it,il lisent to it .

Description : Show me what can you do :).

Description : Hope usable

Description : Made with a flute sound in one of the FL Studio stock plugins called Sytrus, after I just added a little reverb. Enjoy!

Description : A flute loop in style of Dababy and Drake but can be used for many other artists if you're creative.

Description : A loop with a flute as the main melody that could be good for a Rich The Kid and Offset type of song.

Description : 4 Bar Flute Loop
Made with Nexus

Best beat gets a shoutout on my Instagram :)

Description : Flute melody addition to "Calabasas" melody

(Drake, Chris Brown, Playboi Carti, Pierre Bourne)

Comment what you make!

Description : Plz leave a link of your work thanks!

Description : Hope usable

Description : idk the key i think its a, tell me if im wrong

Description : Enjoy!

Description : Hope usable

Loops 1 - 25 of 1540
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