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Description : Just some Bass one shots I took from a VR sample pack and made into a sick sounding fill loop.

Description : Trance synth

Description : Synthetic Drum Pattern/Break/Fill never used by Genesis

Description : drum fill build up 150

Description : I keep trying to remix Virtual Riot's "In My Head" but I genuinely can't come up with anything. This was supposed to be at the start of one of my versions of the remix.

Description : Loop made with Fl Studio 20. No Copyright.

Description : Speaks for itself

Description : Just as title says.
Plenty of percussion to fill out a track.

Scale is C#/Db Melodic Minor and progression is A#, C, C#, C.

Love to hear beats.

Description : Fill Predrop make with FL Studio 20 No Copyright.

Description : Made this for a song but never bothered finishing it.

Description : Just a fill looped twice, have some fun with it

Description : Kick, layered snare, hi-hats, crashes and a fill at the end. Any genre requests to make drums in are welcome in the comments - I will do all ;)

Description : Cut out the vowels of the vocal sample of one of my tunes "Don't try this @ home" (under the moniker DJ Peavey Blaster, 1999) and made this effect with it. Can be used as fill in or background effect

Description : Please Fill Out This Field!

Description : The toms and other hitwork, used as fill in in "I was born on a tuesday"

Description : A wooden drum hit, pitched and chopped and rhythm'd, ending in a snare fill.

If you find a use for it drop me a link, I'd love to hear what you make.

Description : For some reason, looperman wouldn't let me upload anything for the past few days. Like, I'd fill out everything, hit upload, then the page just hangs and resets itself. Not sure if my wifi is bsing me or...

Anywho, Made in Omnisphere, its a reverse Piano Pad with a ghost lead ty thing for texture.

Description : Fill in or effect, used a pitched tom. Two bars and 100 bpm. For weird electronic purposes!

Description : Fill in at 100 bpm, 1 bar with panning claps

Description : Fill in or percussion loop with pitched toms. At 100 bpm and two bars

Description : without fx

Description : leave some links

Description : Treasures on K7 (cassette) - I will upload recordings from my teenage years which I found on old cassettes!
This is a recording of me hitting a stick on an iron pot which is has some water in it. Followed by some shaker-a-like sound. Tempo 126 bpm. Useful as fill in or percussion.

Description : Real Trap Drum with:
sick 808
snare fill
dope hi hat
personal kick cretaed in my studio

Description : Sound of someone walking by, to be used as a funny fill-in.
Eight "steps", two bars, 120 bpm.
Fading and panning effect with a wee bit reverb.
Effect is most effective when used without any outher sounds underneath or covering it.

Enjoy! I'd be glad to hear your results!

Loops 1 - 25 of 444
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